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Table of Contents for
Volume 21 Supplement Issue 1
March 2016

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Abstracts of the Airway Vista 2016, 26–27 March 2016, Seoul, Korea
5Airway Vista 2016 Speaker Abstracts

Inhaled pollutants and asthma
An-Soo Jang

Practical issues in CT imaging of airway disease
Chang Hyun Lee, Hyun-ju Lim, Ki Yeol Lee, Yera Choi, Sang Min Lee, Gong Yong Jin, Kyung Nyeo Jeon

Role of bacterial infection in acute exacerbation of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
Chin Kook Rhee

Management of Chronic Obstructive Airway Diseases with e-Health
Chunxue Bai

Management of COPD comorbidities
Choi Hye Sook

Quantitative Image and Its Clinical Application in COPD
Joon Beom Seo

ACOS asthma/COPD overlap syndrome
Maciej Kupczyk

Acquired CFTR Dysfunction in COPD
Mark T Dransfield

COPD: Chronic Obstructive cardioPulmonary Disease?
Mark T Dransfield

Biomarkers in Severe Asthma
Nicola A Hanania

Novel Therapeutic Targets in COPD
Nicola A Hanania

Strategies for Management of the Cachectic COPD Patient
Richard Casaburi

Activity Promotion: A New Focus for Pulmonary Rehabilitation
Richard Casaburi

How to manage uncontrolled asthma
Sang-Heon Kim

Management of cough hypersensitivity in asthma
Woo-Jung Song

Stem cell: New possibility of emphysema regeneration
You-Sun Kim, Yeon-Mok Oh

Prevention and Treatment of COPD exacerbation
Yong Bum Park

Rehabilitation in real practice
Yong Beom Shin,

Quantitative MR Assessment of COPD
Yoshiharu Ohno

COPD Assessment on Area-Detector CT
Yoshiharu Ohno

Fixed Ratio versus Lower Limit of Normal for the Spirometry Diagnosis of COPD
Young Sam Kim

Role of clinician in Smoking Cessation
Yu-Il Kim
13Airway Vista 2016 Poster Abstracts
Climate changes and influence on respiratory health in Romania
Anca Maria Moldoveanu, Alexandru Constantin Moldoveanu

Effect of bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stem cells on lung pathology and inflammation in ovalbumin-induced asthma in mouse
Mohammad Hossein Boskabady, Maryam Mohammadian, Iraj Ragerdi Kashani, Gila Pirzad Jahromi, Amene Omidi, Amir Kavian Nejad, Ravie Golchoobian, Hamid Reza Sadeghipour

Evaluating a new scoring system for the differentiation of COPD and asthma in primary care practice
Vitull Kumar Gupta, Arun Kumar Maria, Harjot Kaur, Tanveer Kaur, Narayanjeet Singh, Mohit Gupta, Sonia Arora, Meghna Gupta

Nanoparticles for more effective treatment: The aerodynamic properties of polymeric micelles and marketed dosage form
Mohanad Naji Sahib, Shaymaa Abdalwahed Abdulameer

asthma in Punjab, India
Vitull Kumar Gupta, Guneet Sharma, Arun Kumar Maria, Navjot Kaur, Sonia Arora, Varun Gupta, Meghna Gupta

Angiotensin receptor blockade treatment for COPD: Phase II trial
Allison Lambert, Enid Neptune, Robert Brown, Gregory B. Diette, M. Bradley Drummond, Nadia N. Hansel, Mark Liu, David Shade, Robert Wise

Correlation of FEV1/FVC ratio with quantitative computed tomography measurements in a local Malaysian COPD COHORT
Choo-Khoon ONG, Hyun-Jung KOO, Sang-Min LEE, Joon-Beom SEO, Li-Cher LOH

Detailed characterization of illness behaviour and outcomes of a local population of hospitalized COPD in Malaysia
Choo-Khoon ONG, Li-Cher LOH

Effect of mishandling of inhalers on management of subjects with COPD
Jeng Shing Wang

High-resolution computed tomography in assessment of patients with emphysema following pulmonary rehabilitation
Jeng-Shing Wang

A breath-hold-level robust emphysema index
Jeongeun Hwang, Minho Lee, Sang Min Lee, Sang Young Oh, Yeon-Mok Oh, Namkug Kim, Joon Beom Seo

Human adipose-derived mesenchymal stem cells in a spheroid improve recovery in a mouse model of elastase-induced emphysema
Ryeon Jin Cho, You-Sun Kim, Ji-Young Kim, Seiwon Lee, Sang-Do Lee, Yeon-Mok Oh

Characteristics of stable chronic obstructive pulmonary disease patients in Indian cohort (ANOLD Study)
Vitull Kumar Gupta, Guneet Sharma, Arun Kumar Maria, Mohit Gupta, Sonia Arora, Varun Gupta, Meghna Gupta

Antibiotics prescription for acute exacerbations of mild to moderate COPD patients in Korea
Hye Sook Choi, Chin Kook Rhee, Kwang Ha Yoo, Ki-Suck Jung

Gender differences of CT phenotypes in non-smoking patients with COPD
Yoonki Hong, Wonjun Ji, Soojung An, Seon-Sook Han, Seung-Joon Lee, Woo Jin Kim

Differences of CT phenotypes between non-smokers and smokers in Korean male COPD subjects
Wonjun Ji, Yoonki Hong, Soojung An, Seon-Sook Han, Seung-Joon Lee, Woo Jin Kim