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Table of Contents for Volume 14 Issue s2
November 2009

The Japanese Respiratory Society Guidelines for the Management of Hospital-Acquired Pneumonia in Adults

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S1Definition of hospital-acquired pneumonia and characteristics of guidelines in Japan (Abstract)
S4Establishment of new severity ratings based on analysis of hospital-acquired pneumonia (Abstract)
S10Diagnosis of hospital-acquired pneumonia and methods of testing for pathogens (Abstract)
S23Basic approach for the selection of antibacterial agents (Abstract)
S38Determining treatment effectiveness and period of treatment (Abstract)
S41Strategies for non-responders (Abstract)
S44Pneumonia in immunocompromised patients (Abstract)
S51Ventilator-associated pneumonia (Abstract)
S59Aspiration pneumonia (Abstract)
S65Adjuvant therapy with steroids or immunoglobulins (Abstract)
S68Use of antimicrobials in aged people and patients with decreased renal function (Abstract)