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Table of Contents for Volume 13 Issue 3
May 2008

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323Phil Thompson
324Enhanced immediate inflammatory response to Streptococcus pneumoniae in the lungs of mice with pulmonary emphysema
Y Tokairin, Y Shibata, M Sata, S Abe, N Takabatake, A Igarashi, T Ishikawa, S Inoue, I Kubota
333Oxidant stress mediates infl ammation and apoptosis in ventilator-induced lung injury
O Syrkina, B Jafari, CA Hales, DA Quinn
341Pleural fl uid viscosity may help identifying malignant pleural effusions
L-C Chang, C-C Hua, Y-C Liu, C-M Chu, H-J Chen, N Lee
346Association of b2-adrenoreceptor genotypes with bronchodilatory effect of tiotropium in COPD
N Umeda, T Yoshikawa, H Kanazawa, K Hirata, S Fujimoto
353Clinical benefi t of sequential three-step empirical therapy in the management of chronic cough
L Yu, Z Qiu, H Lü, W Wei, C Shi
359Exhaled nitric oxide levels in patients with atopic cough and cough variant asthma
M Fujimura, N Ohkura, M Abo, S Furusho, Y Waseda, Y Ichikawa, J Hara
365New predictive equations for spirometric reference values and comparison with Morris equation in a Korean population
C-H Lee, J-Y Lee, E-J Jang, K-Y Park, H-W Han
372Longitudinal study of airway dimensions in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease using computed tomography
T Ohara, T Hirai, S Sato, K Terada, D Kinose, A Haruna, S Marumo, M Nishioka, E Ogawa, Y Nakano, Y Hoshino, Y Ito, H Matsumoto, A Niimi, T Mio, K Chin, S Muro, M Mishima
379Effect of thixotropy conditioning of inspiratory muscles on the chest wall response to CPAP
M Izumizaki, T Nakajima, M Iwase, Y Ohshima, I Homma
387Continuous positive airway pressure increases inspiratory capacity of COPD patients
SMTP Soares, RARA Oliveira, SA Franca, SM Rezende, D Dragosavac, RM Kacmarek, CRR Carvalho
394Effects of pulmonary rehabilitation in patients with idiopathic pulmonary fi brosis
O Nishiyama, Y Kondoh, T Kimura, K Kato, K Kataoka, T Ogawa, F Watanabe, S Arizono, K Nishimura, H Taniguchi
400Predictors for failed dose reduction of inhaled corticosteroids in childhood asthma
AM Li, TWT Tsang, HS Lam, RYT Sung, AB Chang
408Clinically occult subpleural fibrosis and acute interstitial pneumonia a precursor to idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis?
J Araya, Y Kawabata, P Jinho, T Uchiyama, H Ogata, Y Sugita
413Solid-organ malignancy as a risk factor for tuberculosis
H-R Kim, SS Hwang, YK Ro, CH Jeon, DY Ha, SJ Park, C-H Lee, S-M Lee, C-G Yoo, YW Kim, SK Han, Y-S Shim, J-J Yim
420Validation of symptom-based COPD questionnaires in Japanese subjects
T Kawayama, Y Minakata, K Matsunaga, T Yamagata, T Tsuda, M Kinoshita, T Iwanaga, M Ichinose, H Aizawa
427Comparison of serological tests for detection of immunoglobulin M antibodies to Chlamydophila pneumoniae
N Miyashita, K Ouchi, K Kawasaki, H Komura, Y Kawai, N Tsumura, H Bannai, S Iwata, M Oka
432Diagnosis of pulmonary tuberculosis using MTB12 and 38-kDa antigens
J-S Lee, E-K Jo, Y-K Noh, A-R Shin, D-M Shin, JW Son, H-J Kim, C-H Song
438BODE score is a useful predictor of hospital admission in rural patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
A Mckellar, WN Cottrell, A Whelan
444Influenza-associated pneumonia in a Turkish area with endemic avian influenza
B Özbay, B Sertogullarindan, M Tekin, O Altinoz
447Stable prevalence of asthma symptoms in school-aged children in the Torres Strait region
PC Valery, AB Chang, IB Masters, J Stirling, Y Laifoo, A Twist
452Possible therapeutic effect of direct haemoperfusion with a polymyxin B immobilized fibre column (PMX-DHP) on pulmonary oxygenation in acute exacerbations of interstitial pneumonia
N Enomoto, T Suda, T Uto, M Kato, Y Kaida, Y Ozawa, H Miyazaki, S Kuroishi, D Hashimoto, T Naito, T Fujisawa, T Matsui, N Inui, Y Nakamura, J Sato, T Mizuguchi, A Kato, K Chida
461Safety and efficacy of using a surgivac pump for the drainage of chronic indwelling pleural catheters in malignant pleural effusions
A Al-Halfawy, R Light
465Peritoneal carcinomatosis in lung cancer H-T Su, C-M Tsai, R-P Perng
468Interferon-g responses after isoniazid chemotherapy for latent tuberculosis
K Higuchi, N Harada, T Mori
473High adenosine deaminase activity in the pleural effusion of a patient with Legionnaires' disease
O Dikensoy, F Fakili, O Elbek, N Uysal
475Severe Legionella pneumonia successfully treated by independent lung ventilation with intrapulmonary percussive ventilation
M Fujita, R Tsuruta, Y Oda, K Kaneda, T Miyauchi, S Kasaoka, T Maekawa
478Pseudallescheria boydii or Aspergillus fumigatus in a lady with an unresolving lung infiltrate, and a literature review
S-M Lam, AC-W Lau, M-W Ma, LY-C Yam
481Thoracic splenosis: A diagnosis by history and imaging
AM Khan, K Manzoor, D Gordon, A Berman