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Table of Contents for Volume 18 Issue s4
October 2013

Special Issue: Abstracts of the 18th Congress of the APSR 11–14 November 2013, Yokohama

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Oral Sessions
1OS01: Lung Cancer 1 (Abstract)
3OS02: Tuberculosis 1 (Abstract)
5OS03: Clinical Respiratory Medicine 1 (Abstract)
7OS04: Lung Cancer 2 (Abstract)
9OS05: Tuberculosis 2 (Abstract)
10OS06: Clinical Respiratory Medicine 2 (Abstract)
12OS07: Asthma 1 (Abstract)
14OS08: Critical Care Medicine 1 (Abstract)
15OS09: Cell and Molecular Biology (Abstract)
17OS10: Asthma 2 (Abstract)
18OS11: Critical Care Medicine 2 (Abstract)
20OS12: Pulmonary Circulation (Abstract)
22OS13: Lung Cancer 3 (Abstract)
23OS14: COPD 1 (Abstract)
25OS15: Clinical Respiratory Medicine 3 (Abstract)
27OS16: Lung Cancer 4 (Abstract)
29OS17: COPD 2 (Abstract)
32OS18: Interstitial Lung Disease 1 (Abstract)
34OS19: Asthma 3 (Abstract)
36OS20: Respiratory Structure and Function (Abstract)
38OS21: Others 1 (Abstract)
41OS22: Interstitial Lung Disease 2 (Abstract)
43OS23: Respiratory Infections (non-tuberculosis) 1 (Abstract)
45OS24: Lung Cancer 5 (Abstract)
47OS25: Bronchoscopy and Interventional Techniques 1 (Abstract)
49OS26: Interstitial Lung Disease 3 (Abstract)
52OS27: Respiratory Infections (non-tuberculosis) 2 (Abstract)
54OS28: Lung Cancer 6 (Abstract)
56OS29: Bronchoscopy and Interventional Techniques 2 (Abstract)
57OS30: Interstitial Lung Disease 4 (Abstract)
59OS31: Paediatric Lung Disease (Abstract)
60OS32: Respiratory Neurobiology and Sleep (Abstract)
62OS33: Tuberculosis 3 (Abstract)
64OS34: Others 2 (Abstract)
66OS35: Environmental & Occupational Health and Epidemiology (Abstract)
69OS36: COPD 3 (Abstract)
71OS37: Tuberculosis 4 (Abstract)
73OS38: Interstitial Lung Disease 5 (Abstract)
75OS39: Clinical Allergy & Immunology (Abstract)
77OS40: COPD 4 (Abstract)
78OS41: Tuberculosis 5 (Abstract)
80OS42: Interstitial Lung Disease 6 (Abstract)
Poster Sessions
821-A1: Lung Cancer 1 (Abstract)
841-A2: Lung Cancer 2 (Abstract)
881-A3: Clinical Respiratory Medicine 1 (Abstract)
901-A4: Clinical Respiratory Medicine 2 (Abstract)
931-A5: Cell and Molecular Biology 1 (Abstract)
951-A6: Cell and Molecular Biology 2 (Abstract)
981-A7: Environmental & Occupational Health and Epidemiology (Abstract)
1011-B1: Respiratory Infections (Non-Tuberculosis) 1 (Abstract)
1031-B2: Respiratory Infections (Non-Tuberculosis) 2 (Abstract)
1061-B3: Respiratory Infections (Non-Tuberculosis) 3 (Abstract)
1081-C1: Asthma 1 (Abstract)
1111-C2: Asthma 2 (Abstract)
1141-C3: Asthma 3 (Abstract)
1161-D1: Tuberculosis 1 (Abstract)
1191-D2: Tuberculosis 2 (Abstract)
1211-D3: Tuberculosis 3 (Abstract)
1241-D4: COPD 1 (Abstract)
1261-E1: COPD 2 (Abstract)
1291-E2: COPD 3 (Abstract)
1311-E3: COPD 4 (Abstract)
1331-E4: COPD 5 (Abstract)
1351-F1: Interstitial Lung Disease 1 (Abstract)
1371-F2: Interstitial Lung Disease 2 (Abstract)
1412-A1: Others 1 (Abstract)
1442-A2: Others 2 (Abstract)
1472-A3: Lung Cancer 3 (Abstract)
1492-A4: Lung Cancer 4 (Abstract)
1522-A5: Asthma 4 (Abstract)
1542-A6: Asthma 5 (Abstract)
1572-A7: Asthma 6 (Abstract)
1602-B1: Respiratory Infections (Non-Tuberculosis) 4 (Abstract)
1662-B3: Bronchoscopy and Interventional Techniques (Abstract)
1692-C1: Respiratory Structure and Function (Abstract)
1712-C2: Pulmonary Circulation (Abstract)
1742-C3: Clinical Allergy & Immunology (Abstract)
1762-D1: COPD 6 (Abstract)
1792-D2: COPD 7 (Abstract)
1812-D3: COPD 8 (Abstract)
1832-D4: COPD 9 (Abstract)
1852-E1: COPD 10 (Abstract)
1892-E2: Respiratory Neurobiology and Sleep 1 (Abstract)
1912-E3: Respiratory Neurobiology and Sleep 2 (Abstract)
1932-E4: Critical Care Medicine 1 (Abstract)
1952-E5: Critical Care Medicine 2 (Abstract)
1972-F1: Interstitial Lung Disease 3 (Abstract)
1992-F2: Interstitial Lung Disease 4 (Abstract)
Author Index
203Author index (Abstract)