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Table of Contents for Volume 19 Issue 3
April 2014

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295The evidence base for non-CF bronchiectasis is finally evolving (Abstract)
David J Serisier
298Physical activity in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: Is it a process or an outcome? (Abstract)
Melissa J Benton
300The changing landscape of HIV-related lung disease: Non-AIDS lung malignancy as a player in the field (Abstract)
Matthew R Gingo
303Introduction to causal diagrams for confounder selection (Abstract)
Elizabeth J Williamson, Zoe Aitken, Jock Lawrie, Shyamali C Dharmage, John A Burgess & Andrew B Forbes
312Polymorphisms in a disintegrin and metalloprotease 33 gene and the risk of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: A meta-analysis (Abstract)
Rui Zhang, He Li, Haiming Zhao, Wangyue Chen & Deyun Cheng
321Long-term macrolides for non-cystic fibrosis bronchiectasis: A systematic review and meta-analysis (Abstract)
Qibiao Wu, Weixing Shen, Haibo Cheng & Xiqiao Zhou
330Influence of changes in physical activity on frequency of hospitalization in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (Abstract)
Cristóbal Esteban, Inmaculada Arostegui, Myriam Aburto, Javier Moraza, José M Quintana, Susana Aizpiri, Luis V Basualdo & Alberto Capelastegui
339High prevalence of malignancy in HIV-positive patients with mediastinal lymphadenopathy: A study in the era of antiretroviral therapy (Abstract)
Joana Alçada, Magali N Taylor, Penny J Shaw, Sam M Janes, Neal Navani & Robert F Miller
346Association of chronic nasal symptoms with dyspnoea and quality-of-life impairment in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (Abstract)
Denis Caillaud, Pascal Chanez, Roger Escamilla, Pierre-Régis Burgel, Isabelle Court-Fortune, Pascale Nesme-Meyer, Gaëtan Deslee, Thierry Perez, Christophe Pinet & Nicolas Roche, Initiatives BPCO scientific committee & investigators
353Rituximab in severe, treatment-refractory interstitial lung disease (Abstract)
Gregory J Keir, Toby M Maher, Damien Ming, Reza Abdullah, Angelo de Lauretis, M Wickremasinghe, Andrew G Nicholson, David M Hansell, Athol U Wells & Elisabetta A Renzoni
360Genome-wide association studies identify locus on 6p21 influencing lung function in the Korean population (Abstract)
Woo Jin Kim, Mi Kyeong Lee, Chol Shin, Nam Han Cho, Sang Do Lee, Yeon-Mok Oh & Joohon Sung
369Reduction of physical activity in daily life and its determinants in smokers without airflow obstruction (Abstract)
Karina Couto Furlanetto, Leandro Cruz Mantoani, Gianna Bisca, Andrea Akemi Morita, Juliana Zabatiero, Mahara Proença, Demétria Kovelis & Fabio Pitta
376Hypomethylation of perforin regulatory elements in CD4+ T cells from rat spleens contributes to the development of autoimmune emphysema (Abstract)
Cheng Zhang, Mu-Yun Yan, Ping Lu, Ping Chen, Min Yang, Xian-Wei Ye, Mei Xu, Zhang-Hong Ou Yang & Xiang-Yan Zhang
382Procalcitonin predicts mortality in HIV-infected Ugandan adults with lower respiratory tract infections (Abstract)
Sofya Tokman, Christopher F Barnett, Leah G Jarlsberg, Pam R Taub, Saskia den Boon, J Lucian Davis, Adithya Cattamanchi, William Worodria, Alan Maisel & Laurence Huang, the International HIV-Associated Opportunistic Pneumonias (IHOP) Study
389Xenon ventilation computed tomography and the management of asthma in the elderly (Abstract)
Heung-Woo Park, Jae-Woo Jung, Kyung-Mook Kim, Tae-Wan Kim, So-Hee Lee, Chang Hyun Lee, Jin Mo Goo, Kyung-Up Min & Sang-Heon Cho
396Bedside pleural procedures by pulmonologists and non-pulmonologists: a 3-year safety audit (Abstract)
Kay Choong See, Venetia Ong, Chia Meng Teoh, Oon Cheong Ooi, Louis Sutrisno Widjaja, Sandhya Mujumdar, Jason Phua, Kay Leong Khoo, Pyng Lee & Tow Keang Lim
403Computed tomography assessment of airway dimensions with combined tiotropium and indacaterol therapy in COPD patients (Abstract)
Makoto Hoshino & Junichi Ohtawa
411Domestic airborne pollutants and asthma and respiratory symptoms in middle age (Abstract)
Desiree Mészáros, John Burgess, E Haydn Walters, David Johns, James Markos, Graham Giles, John Hopper, Michael Abramson, Shyamali C Dharmage & Melanie Matheson
419IL-6/Stat3-driven pulmonary inflammation, but not emphysema, is dependent on interleukin-17A in mice (Abstract)
Saleela M Ruwanpura, Louise McLeod, Gavin D Brooks, Steven Bozinovski, Ross Vlahos, Anthony Longano, Philip G Bardin, Gary P Anderson & Brendan J Jenkins
428Year in review 2013: Acute lung injury, interstitial lung diseases, sleep and physiology (Abstract)
Amanda Piper, Yuanlin Song, Neil D Eves & Toby M Maher
438Year in review 2013: Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, asthma and airway biology (Abstract)
Fanny W S Ko, Tow K Lim, Robert J Hancox & Ian A Yang
448Year in review 2013: Lung cancer, respiratory infections, tuberculosis, cystic fibrosis, pleural diseases, bronchoscopic intervention and imaging (Abstract)
Chi Chiu Leung, José M Porcel, Kazuhisa Takahashi, Marcos I Restrepo, Pyng Lee & Claire Wainwright
461Corrigendum (Abstract)
461Erratum (Abstract)
462Forthcoming Meetings (Abstract)
462Journal Statistics (Abstract)