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Table of Contents for Volume 13 Issue 4
June 2008

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487Phil Thompson
488Evaluation of the anti-inflammatory effect of infliximab in a mouse model of acute asthma
F Deveci, MH Muz, N Ilhan, G Kirkil, T Turgut & N Akpolat
498Common functional polymorphisms in the cathepsin S promoter in Japanese subjects: Possible contribution to pulmonary emphysema
N Minematsu, H Nakamura, M Furuuchi, T Nakajima, S Takahashi, S Tsujimura, H Tateno & A Ishizaka
505Procalcitonin is a valuable prognostic marker in ARDS caused by community-acquired pneumonia
J-S Tseng, M-C Chan, J-Y Hsu, BI-T Kuo & C-L Wu
510mRNA expression of RRM1, ERCC1 and ERCC2 is not associated with chemosensitivity to cisplatin, carboplatin and gemcitabine in human lung cancer cell lines
J Shimizu, Y Horio, H Osada, T Hida, Y Hasegawa, K Shimokata, T Takahashi, Y Sekido & Y Yatabe
518Diagnostic value of carcinoembryonic antigen in malignant pleural effusion: A meta-analysis
H-Z Shi, Q-L Liang, J Jiang, X-J Qin & H-B Yang
528Observational studies on the effect of dietary antioxidants on asthma: A meta-analysis
J Gao, X Gao, W Li, Y Zhu & PJ Thompson
537Predictors for wheezing phenotypes in the first decade of life
WK Midodzi, BH Rowe, CM Majaesic, LD Saunders & A Senthilselvan
546Airway inflammation in employees involved in cultivating Japanese mushrooms (bunashimeji)
K Tsushima, M Yasuo, T Tanabe, S Yoshikawa, Y Yamazaki & K Kubo
553Enforced mouth breathing decreases lung function in mild asthmatics
M Hallani, JR Wheatley & TC Amis
559Assessing adherence and factors associated with adherence in young children with asthma
SW Burgess, PD Sly, A Morawska & SG Devadason
564Arterial blood lactate is a useful guide to when rehabilitation should be instigated in COPD
Y Tanaka, M Hino, T Morikawa, K Takeuchi, K Mizuno & S Kudoh
569Poor interpretation of pulmonary function tests in patients with concomitant decreases in FEV1 and FVC
Y Hong, SW Ra, TS Shim, C-M Lim, Y Koh, SD Lee, WS Kim, D-S Kim, WD Kim & Y-M Oh
575Risk factors for acute respiratory tract illness in military conscripts
R Juvonen, A Bloigu, A Peitso, S Silvennoinen-Kassinen, P Saikku, M Leinonen & T Harju
581Neutrophil elastase activity in acute lung injury and respiratory distress syndrome
S Hashimoto, Y Okayama, N Shime, A Kimura, Y Funakoshi, K Kawabata, A Ishizaka & F Amaya
585Lung cancer in patients with chronic pyothorax
A Tamura, A Hebisawa, K Iuchi, H Maeda, S Fukai, H Komatsu, & M Kawahara
590Ethnic and socioeconomic inequalities in lung cancer in a New Zealand population
TJT Sutherland & D Aitken
594Diagnosis of pulmonary aspiration: A mouse model using a starch granule test in bronchoalveolar lavage
LA Pinto, ACO Dias, DC Machado, MH Jones, RT Stein & PM Pitrez
599Feasibility of functional magnetic resonance lung imaging in Australia with long distance transport of hyperpolarized helium from Germany
F Thien, M Friese, G Cowin, D Maillet, D Wang, G Galloway, I Brereton, PJ Robinson, W Heil & B Thompson
603A study of the complications of small bore 'Seldinger' intercostal chest drains
HE Davies, S Merchant & A McGown
608Periodic breathing and dysphagia associated with a localized lateral medullary infarction
Y Oku & M Okada
611Combined lung fibrosis and 'mechanic's hand': A clinical diagnostic clue to amyopathic antisynthetase syndrome
C-J Yang, C-C Sheu, T-T Ou, J-J Hwang & M-S Huang
615Spontaneous regression of small cell lung cancer
Y-S Lee, H-M Kang, P-S Jang, S-S Jung, J-M Kim, J-O Kim & S-Y Kim
619Extended resection of primary lung cancer directly invading the liver
T Iwata, K Inoue, S Mizuguchi, R Morita, T Tsukioka, H Tanaka & S Suehiro