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Table of Contents for
Volume 20 Issue 8
November 2015

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1149How microRNAs orchestrate the lung's biological responses
Ian A Yang & Annalicia Vaughan
1151Chipping away at duration of therapy for idiopathic acute eosinophilic pneumonia
John E Heffner
1153Long-acting muscarinic antagonist + long-acting beta agonist versus long-acting beta agonist + inhaled corticosteroid for COPD: A systematic review and meta-analysis
Nobuyuki Horita, Naoki Miyazawa, Koji Tomaru, Miyo Inoue & Takeshi Kaneko
1160COPD and its comorbidities: Impact, measurement and mechanisms
Netsanet A Negewo, Peter G Gibson & Vanessa M McDonald
1172Epidemiology and genetics of cystic fibrosis in Asia: In preparation for the next-generation treatments
Meenu Singh, Cristina Rebordosa, Juliane Bernholz & Neeraj Sharma
1182Thoracic Society of Australia and New Zealand oxygen guidelines for acute oxygen use in adults: 'Swimming between the flags'
Richard Beasley, Jimmy Chien, James Douglas, Leonie Eastlake, Claude Farah, Gregory King, Rosemary Moore, Janine Pilcher, Michael Richards, Sheree Smith & Haydn Walters
Asthma & Allergy
1192Transient receptor potential melastatin 8 gene polymorphism is associated with cold-induced airway hyperresponsiveness in bronchial asthma
Denis E Naumov, Juliy M Perelman, Victor P Kolosov, Tatyana A Potapova, Vladimir N Maksimov & Xiangdong Zhou
1198Serum club cell protein 16 is associated with asymptomatic airway responsiveness in adults: Findings from the French epidemiological study on the genetics and environment of asthma
Marta Rava, Nicole Le Moual, Xavier Dumont, Stefano Guerra, Valerie Siroux, Benedicte Jacquemin, Francine Kauffmann, Alfred Bernard & Rachel Nadif
Editor's choice
Using multiple online databases to help identify microRNAs regulating the airway epithelial cell response to a virus-like stimulus
Cristan Herbert, Michelle Sebesfi, Qing-Xiang Zeng, Brian G Oliver, Paul S Foster & Rakesh K Kumar
1213Association between inhaler use and risk of haemoptysis in patients with non-cystic fibrosis bronchiectasis
Eun Jin Jang, Chang-Hoon Lee, Ho Il Yoon, Yun Jung Kim, Ji Min Kim, Seong Mi Choi, Jae-Joon Yim & Deog Kyeom Kim
1222Efficacy and safety of aclidinium bromide in patients with COPD: A phase 3 randomized clinical trial in a Korean population
Sang Haak Lee, Jongmin Lee, Kwang Ha Yoo, Soo-Taek Uh, Myung Jae Park, Sang Yeub Lee, Jae Yeol Kim, Deog Kyeom Kim, Seung Joon Kim, Kwan Ho Lee & Chul-Gyu Yoo
1229Doctors learn new tricks, but do they remember them? Lack of effect of an educational intervention in improving Oxygen prescribing
Hamish Myers, Julia Taylor, Rhian S Finn & Lutz Beckert
Critical Care
1233Mycobacterium tuberculosis nucleic acid amplification tests reduce nosocomial tuberculosis exposure in intensive care units: A nationwide cohort study
Jann-Yuan Wang, Ming-Chia Lee, Jer-Hwa Chang, Ming-Chih Yu, Vin-Cent Wu, Kuo-Liang Huang, Chiu-Ping Su, Kun-Mao Chao & Chih-Hsin Lee
Interstitial Lung Disease
Editor's choice
Outcomes of rapid corticosteroid tapering in acute eosinophilic pneumonia patients with initial eosinophilia
Byung Woo Jhun, Se Jin Kim, Kang Kim & Ji Eun Lee
Paediatric Lung Disease
1248Increased β-glucuronidase activity in bronchoalveolar lavage fluid of children with bacterial lung infection: A case-control study
Evgenia C Panagiotopoulou, Sotirios Fouzas, Konstantinos Douros, Irene-Eva Triantaphyllidou, Christina Malavaki, Kostas N Priftis, Nikos K Karamanos & Michael B Anthracopoulos
1255Gestational age at initial exposure to in utero inflammation influences the extent of diaphragm dysfunction in preterm lambs
Kanakeswary Karisnan, Anthony J Bakker, Yong Song, Peter B Noble, J Jane Pillow & Gavin Jon Pinniger
Pleural Disease
1263Temsirolimus targets multiple hallmarks of cancer to impede mesothelioma growth in vivo
Maria Eleni Vazakidou, Sophia Magkouta, Charalampos Moschos, Ioannis Psallidas, Apostolos Pappas, Katherina Psarra & Ioannis Kalomenidis
Rare Lung Disease
1272Clinical characteristics of catamenial and non-catamenial thoracic endometriosis-related pneumothorax
Mizuki Fukuoka, Masatoshi Kurihara, Takahiro Haga, Hiroki Ebana, Hideyuki Kataoka, Teruaki Mizobuchi & Koichiro Tatsumi
Respiratory Infections
1277Clinical efficacy of anti-glycopeptidolipid-core IgA test for diagnosing Mycobacterium avium complex infection in lung
Takanori Numata, Jun Araya, Yutaka Yoshii, Kenichiro Shimizu, Hiromichi Hara, Katsutoshi Nakayama & Kazuyoshi Kuwano
1282Adjusting prednisone using blood eosinophils reduces exacerbations and improves asthma control in difficult patients with asthma
Peter AB Wark, Vanessa M McDonald & Peter G Gibson
1285Role of a functional polymorphism in the F2R gene promoter in sarcoidosis
Manuela Platé, Phillippa J Lawson, Michael R Hill, Richard P Marshall, Helen L Booth, Meena Kumari, Geoffrey J Laurent, John R Hurst & Rachel C Chambers
1288The Editor recommends this issue's articles to the reader
See page 1206: Using multiple online databases to help identify microRNAs regulating the airway epithelial cell response to a virus-like stimulus
See page 1241: Outcomes of rapid corticosteroid tapering in acute eosinophilic pneumonia patients with initial eosinophilia