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Table of Contents for Volume 9 Issue s1
March 2004

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This special issue is from the committee for the Japanese Respiratory Society's:

Guidelines for Management of Hospital-Acquired Pneumonia

S1Principles for the development of the guidelines
S3Definition and pathophysiology of hospital-acquired pneumonia
S6Causative microorganisms of hospital-acquired pneumonia and laboratory procedures for isolation and identification of causative microorganisms
S13Severity rating of hospital-acquired pneumonia and classification
S16Antibacterial therapy of hospital-acquired pneumonia
S25Pneumonia in immunosuppressed patients
S30Ventilator-associated pneumonia
S35Aspiration pneumonia
S38Treatment other than by antimicrobial therapy
S40Assessment of the efficacy of antibacterial agents
S43Strategies for non-responders
S48Prevention of hospital-acquired pneumonia (strategies for prevention of hospital-acquired infections)
S51Appendix I: Nursing-home acquired pneumonia
S56Appendix II: How to use antibacterial agents in the elderly