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Table of Contents for Volume 11 Issue s3
September 2006

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This special issue is from the committee for the Japanese Respiratory Society's:

Guidelines for Management of Respiratory Infections

S791: Introduction (principles for developing the guidelines)
S812: Key flowchart for initial treatment of community-acquired pneumonia in adults
S823: Definition of pneumonia
S834: Diagnosis of community-acquired pneumonia
S845: Severity classification of pneumonia
S866: Judgment on whether an outpatient or inpatient setting is appropriate for treatment
S887: Aetiological agents of community-acquired pneumonia and test methods
S928: Differentiating between bacterial pneumonia and atypical pneumonia
S949: Viral pneumonia
S9810: Point of view on Legionella pneumonia
S9911: New point of view on the use of antimicrobial agents
S10112: Empiric treatment of community-acquired pneumonia in adults
S10213: Selection of antimicrobial agents when the aetiologic agent has been identified
S10414: Indications for whether oral or injection drugs should be used
S10515: Cautions when antimicrobial therapy is administered to elderly patient
S10716: How to use corticosteroids or immunoglobulin
S10917: General treatment of pneumonia
S11118: Indications for timing of treatment initiation, assessment of response to treatment, timing of treatment completion, and timing of hospital discharge
S11319: Treatment of pneumonia unresponsive to antimicrobial agents
S11520: Prevention of community-acquired pneumonia
S11721: Diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of aspiration pneumonia (excluding large-volume aspiration)
S11922: List of antimicrobial agents to treat respiratory infections