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Table of Contents for
Volume 21 Issue 6
August 2016

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978Uncovering the factors associated with skeletal muscle weakness in interstitial lung disease
Sunita Mathur
980Is the heart still in danger after stopping CPAP?
Shin-Ichi Ando
982Forced oscillation: A poorly exploited tool for simply assessing respiratory function in children
Ramon Farré and Daniel Navajas
Unravelling the Many Faces of COPD to Optimize its Care and Outcomes
984Pulmonary vasculature in COPD: The silent component
Isabel Blanco, Lucilla Piccari and Joan Albert Barberà
Idiopathic Interstitial Pneumonia
995Under-recognised co-morbidities in idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis: A review
Kaïssa de Boer and Joyce S Lee
1005Exercise pathophysiology and the role of oxygen therapy in idiopathic interstitial pneumonia
Lauren K Troy, Iven H Young, Edmund M T Lau and Tamera J Corte
1015Health-related quality of life, comorbidities and mortality in pulmonary nontuberculous mycobacterial infections: A systematic review
Man Wah Yeung, Edwin Khoo, Sarah K Brode, Frances B Jamieson, Hiroyuki Kamiya, Jeffrey C Kwong, Liane Macdonald, Theodore K Marras, Kozo Morimoto and Beate Sander
1026Statins for the prevention and treatment of acute lung injury and acute respiratory distress syndrome: A systematic review and meta-analysis
Bo Xiong, Chunbin Wang, Jie Tan, Yin Cao, Yanke Zou, Yuanqing Yao, Jun Qian, Shunkang Rong, Yuwen Huang and Jing Huang
Asthma and Allergy
1034Persistence with inhaled corticosteroids reduces the risk of exacerbation among adults with asthma: A real-world investigation
Giovanni Corrao, Andrea Arfè, Federica Nicotra, Arianna Ghirardi, Adriano Vaghi, Roberto De Marco, Alberto Pesci, Luca Merlino, Antonella Zambon and on behalf of the CRD Real-World Evidence Scientific Board
1041TNF and IL-1β exposure increases airway narrowing but does not alter the bronchodilatory response to deep inspiration in airway segments
Thomas K Ansell, Howard W Mitchell, Peter K McFawn and Peter B Noble
1049Factors associated with radiologic progression of non-cystic fibrosis bronchiectasis during long-term follow-up
Jisoo Park, Sejoong Kim, Yeon Joo Lee, Jong Sun Park, Young-Jae Cho, Ho Il Yoon, Kyoung-won Lee, Choon-Taek Lee and Jae Ho Lee
1055Low prevalence of obstructive lung disease in a suburban population of Malaysia: A BOLD collaborative study
Li Cher Loh, Abdul Rashid, Siti Sholehah, Louisa Gnatiuc, Jaymini H Patel and Peter Burney
Critical Care
1062Coordination between respiration and swallowing during non-invasive positive pressure ventilation
Ryuji Hori, Masaaki Isaka, Kazuhiko Oonishi, Toru Yabe and Yoshitaka Oku
Interstitial Lung Disease
1068Late-onset noninfectious interstitial lung disease following autologous haematopoietic stem cell transplantation in paediatric patients
Yoon-Kyoung Lee, Rimm Huh, Jihyun Kim, Kangmo Ahn, Ki Woong Sung and Joongbum Cho
1075Bile acids induce activation of alveolar epithelial cells and lung fibroblasts through farnesoid X receptor-dependent and independent pathways
Bi Chen, Hou-Rong Cai, Shan Xue, Wen-Jie You, Bin Liu and Han-Dong Jiang
1081Suspected pulmonary embolism in patients with pulmonary fibrosis: Discordance between ventilation/perfusion SPECT and CT pulmonary angiography
Gabriela Leuschner, Vera Wenter, Katrin Milger, Gregor S Zimmermann, Sandhya Matthes, Felix G Meinel, Sebastian Lehner, Claus Neurohr, Jürgen Behr and Nikolaus Kneidinger
Editor's choice
Effect of long-term treatment with corticosteroids on skeletal muscle strength, functional exercise capacity and health status in patients with interstitial lung disease
Masatoshi Hanada, Noriho Sakamoto, Yuji Ishimatsu, Tomoyuki Kakugawa, Yasushi Obase, Ryo Kozu, Hideaki Senjyu, Koichi Izumikawa, Hiroshi Mukae and Shigeru Kohno
Interventional Pulmonology
1094Usefulness of an angioplasty balloon as selective bronchial blockade device after transbronchial cryobiopsy
José Javier Echevarria-Uraga, Julio Pérez-Izquierdo, Nerea García-Garai, Estíbaliz Gómez-Jiménez, Amaia Aramburu-Ojembarrena, Luis Tena-Tudanca, José L Miguélez-Vidales and Alberto Capelastegui-Saiz
1100Diagnostic utility of additional conventional techniques after endobronchial ultrasonography guidance during transbronchial biopsy
Kei Kunimasa, Motoko Tachihara, Daisuke Tamura, Shuntaro Tokunaga, Kyosuke Nakata, Nobuko Hazeki, Hiroshi Kamiryo, Kazuyuki Kobayashi, Yasuhiro Sakai and Yoshihiro Nishimura
1106Rapid on-site evaluation with the Hemacolor rapid staining method of medical thoracoscopy biopsy specimens for the management of pleural disease
Ilias Porfyridis, Georgios Georgiadis, Michalis Michael, Frangiskos Frangopoulos, Paris Vogazianos, Alexis Papadopoulos, Panayiota Kara, Charis Charalampous and Andreas Georgiou
Lung Function
1113Health-related quality of life in adolescent survivors of bronchopulmonary dysplasia
Sara Bozzetto, Silvia Carraro, Lisanna Tomasi, Mariangela Berardi, Stefania Zanconato and Eugenio Baraldi
Sleep and Ventilation
1118Craniofacial phenotyping for prediction of obstructive sleep apnoea in a Chinese population
Kate Sutherland, Richard W W Lee, Peter Petocz, Tat On Chan, Susanna Ng, David S Hui and Peter A Cistulli
Editor's choice
Effect of CPAP Withdrawal on myocardial perfusion in OSA: A randomized controlled trial
Esther I Schwarz, Christian Schlatzer, Julia Stehli, Philipp A Kaufmann, Konrad E Bloch, John R Stradling and Malcolm Kohler
1134Breathing-related changes of respiratory resistance in vocal cord dysfunction
Iulia Ioan, François Marchal, Laurent Coffinet, Laurianne Coutier, Claude Bonabel, Bruno Demoulin, Romain Clisson, Cyril Schweitzer and Silvia Varechova
1137Is it feasible to radiologically monitor the evolution of non-CF bronchiectasis?
Paola Crivelli, Nicola Sverzellati, Giovanni Sotgiu and Stefano Aliberti
1138Is it feasible to radiologically monitor the evolution of non-CF bronchiectasis? - Reply
Jisoo Park, Kyoung-Won Lee and Jae Ho Lee