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Table of Contents for Volume 5 Issue 3
September 2000

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PageOriginal Articles
211Composition of alveolar surfactant changes with training in humans
Ian R Doyle, Sharon Morton, Alan J Crockett, Heather A Barr, Kate G Davidson, Meril J Jones, Michael E Jones, Terence E Nicholas
221Intravenous magnesium sulfate in acute severe asthma
Chaichan Boonyavorakul, Ammarin Thakkinstian, Poonkasem Charoenpan
227Heat shock proteins' mRNA expression in asthma
Wancheng Tong, Weici Luo
231A double-blind, placebo-controlled steroid-sparing study with budesonide Turbuhaler in Japanese oral steroid-dependent asthma patients
Terumasa Miyamoto, Terumi Takahashi, Shigenori Nakajima, Sohei Makino, Michio Yamakido, Kenji Mano, Mitsuyoshi Nakashima, Ulf Tollemar, Olof Selroos
241Seasonal variation in asthma hospitalizations and death rates in New Zealand
Mona Kimbell-Dunn, Neil Pearce, Richard Beasley
247A double-blind, placebo-controlled dose-response study with budesonide Turbuhaler in Japanese asthma patients
Terumasa Miyamoto, Terumi Takahashi, Shigenori Nakajima, Sohei Makino, Michio Yamakido, Kenji Mano, Mitsuyoshi Nakashima Olof Selroos
257Asthma is more prevalent in rural New South Wales than metropolitan Victoria, Australia
Rosalie K Woods, Deborah L Burton, Cathryn Wharton, Geoffrey H McKenzie, E Haydn Walters, Elizabeth J Comino, Michael J Abramson
265Diagnostic yield of bronchoscopic sampling methods in bronchial carcinoma
Bing Lam, Maria P Wong, Clara Ooi, Wah K Lam, Kwok N Chan, James C Ho, Kenneth W Tsang
271Acoustic parameters of voluntary cough in healthy non-smoking subjects
Paolo Michele Olia, Piersante Sestini, Mario Vagliasindi
277Primary spontaneous pneumothorax: Treatment practices in Australia
Michael Sutherland, Jonathan Burdon, David Hart
281Management and treatment perceptions among young adults with asthma in Melbourne: The Australian experience from the European Community Respiratory Health Survey
David Reid, Michael Abramson, Joan Raven, Haydn E Walters
289Changes in malondialdehyde levels in bronchoalveolar fluid and serum by the treatment of asthma with inhaled steroid and beta2-agonist
Resat Ozaras, Veysel Tahan, Serdar Turkmen, Fahrettin Talay, Kazim Besirli, Seval Aydin, Hafize Uzun, Ali Cetinkaya
Case Reports
293Endobronchial actinomycosis associated with a foreign body
James CM Ho, Gaik C Ooi, Wah-Kit Lam, Bing Lam, Tung-Fai Cheung
297A case of pulmonary tumour embolism mimicking miliary tuberculosis
Louis Chai, Kian Chung Ong, Siok Bian Ng
301Chylothorax occurring 23 years post-irradiation: Literature review and management strategies
Annette McWilliams, Eli Gabbay
305A case of idiopathic constrictive bronchiolitis in a middle-aged male smoker
Ichizo Tsujino, Masaharu Nishimura, Kouji Ohira, Haruhiko Yoshimura, Yuh Fukuda