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2015 APSR Congress

Scientific programme

This page has been reproduced from the website of the
2015 APSR Congress in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 3-6 December 2015.

China-Malaysia Friendship Symposium

0830Arrival of VIPs
Mr Zhou Bin (Cultural Consular of the Malaysian China Embassy)

Received by:
  • Prof Chun Xue Bai from China
    (Director, Shanghai Respiratory Research Institute,
    Professor, ZS Hospital, Fudan University
    Chair, Chinese Alliance against Lung Cancer, Vice President of CTS) and,
  • Assoc Prof Dr YongKek Pang from Malaysia
    (Associate Professor, Division of Respiratory Medicine,
    Department of Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, University of Malaya)
0835-0845National Anthem of Malaysia
National Anthem of China
0845-0855Welcome Speech
– Chun Xue Bai (China)
– YongKek Pang (Malaysia)
0855-0915Speech and Opening of China-Malaysia Friendship Symposium
– Zhou Bin
0915-0920Signing of Memorandum of Agreement
for collaboration of APSR and Chinese Society of eHealth to develop platforms for ehealth

Presentation of Memorabilia
to Mr Zhou Bin by Prof Chun Xue Bai and Assoc Prof YongKek Pang
0920-0930Slideshow of 40 years of Bilateral ties between Malaysia and China
0930-1000Coffee Break
1000-1015History of respiratory speciality in Malaysia
– Abdul Razak Muttalif (Malaysia)
1015-1030eHealth in China
– Chun Xue Bai (China)
1030-1045Lung Cancer in Malaysia
– ChongKin Liam (Malaysia)
1045-1100Challenges in precision medicine for lung cancer
– Yue Hong Wang (China)
1100-1115Study on the molecular mechanism of COPD to lung cancer based on a microfluidic chip mimicking the microenvironment of tumor in vivo
– Qi Wang (China)
1115-1130Regimens of enhancing response in lung cancer immunotherapy
– Pingli Wang (China)
1130-1138New strategies to overcome HGF-mediated resistance to EGFRTKIs in EGFR mutant NSCLC cells
– Qian Chen (China)
1138 1146IGFBP5 promotes tumorigenicity and enhances stem-cell-like properties to lung cancer cells through Wnt signaling pathway
– You Zhou (China)
1146-1154Respiratory endoscopy earns its specific spot in exploring immune evasion mechanism of lung cancer
– Cheng Chen (China)
1154-1204Cancer-associated fibroblasts promote tumour progression in lung cancer by activation of H3K18ac
– Xia Xu (China)
1204-1212The potential mechanism of SPP1 related extra cellular matrix remolding in lung adenocarcinoma development
– Yong Zhang (China)