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FAPSR is a special supplementary category of membership for any APSR member, whether they have individual or en bloc membership.

The FAPSR is a distinction available exclusively to current APSR members who meet certain requirements.

These include having more than five years of experience in healthcare or research in respiratory medicine or related disciplines.

There is a one-time joining fee, thereafter the Fellow will be entitled to use the "FAPSR" post-nominal for as long as they remain an APSR member.

Details are shown on the application form, which you can download. If you have any questions about this category, please contact the Secretariat APSRinfo@theapsr.org

Register of current APSR Fellows

Dr Zuldi Afki

Dr Yasser Alkassar

Dr Nora Amalia

Dr Wahyu Antono

Dr Amira Anwar

Dr Rizky Andriani

Dr Arata Azuma

Dr Widya S-H Bachtiar

Dr Myrna Bañares

Dr Digambar Behera

Dr Norbert Berend

Dr Rodolfo R T Bigornia

Dr Alfredo Jr Bongo

Dr Demosthenes Bouros

Dr Andrew S L Chan

Dr Trilok Chand

Dr Anne Chang

Dr Naricha Chirakalwasan

Dr Rashmi Ranjan Das

Dr Peter Eastwood

Dr Sarayuth Eiamsa-ard

Dr Philip Eng

Dr Jesus Egargo

Dr Muhammad Fachri

Dr Malbar Ferrer

Dr Kwun Fong

Dr Yoshinosuke Fukuchi

Dr Bharat Gopal

Dr David Gozal

Dr Teresita S De Guia

Dr James C M Ho

Dr A Casas Herrera

Dr Lai Ngoh Hooi

Dr Takashi Horie

Dr David S C Hui

Dr Mary Sau-Man Ip

Dr Muhammad Irfan Ilmi

Dr Venugopal Jaganathan

Dr Ronald David Jalleh

Dr Sharad Joshi

Dr Rhea Louela Jusi

Dr Hiroshi Kimura

Dr David CL Lam

Dr Yu Li

Dr Chong Kin Liam

Dr Andrew R L Medford

Dr Fauzi Mahfuzh

Dr Saravanan Mariappan

Dr Sumit Mehra

Dr Giovanni B Migliori

Dr Michiaki Mishima

Dr P R Mohapatra

Dr Thomas Mok

Dr Yvonne Bettina Montejo

Dr Abdul Razak Muttallif

Dr Arth Nana

Dr Yoichi Nakanishi

Dr Yasutaka Nakano

Dr Takakiyo Nakaya

Dr Calvin S H Ng

Dr Masaharu Nishimura

Dr Peter John Nolan

Dr Toshihiro Nukiwa

Dr Fariz Nurwidya

Dr Jessie Orcasitas

Dr Manoj Kumar Panigrahi

Dr M H E Perera

Dr José M Porcel

Dr Ashish K Prakash

Dr Andika C Putra

Dr Herry Priyanto

Dr Ririen R Ramdhani

Dr Glenford Refre

Dr Hironori Sagara

Dr Tjatur Kuat Sagoro

Dr Bai Naida Sinsuat

Dr Kunji K Sivaraman

Dr Peter David Sly

Dr Sukhwinder S Sohal

Dr Sivaraja Subramaniam

Dr Yuichi Takiguchi

Dr A Taleon-Parazo

Dr Deepak Talwar

Dr Nobuhiro Tanabe

Dr M K Thekkinkattil

Dr P J Thompson

Dr V-K Vijayan

Dr Kai Wang

Dr Fred Wong

Dr Jennifer Ann Wi

Dr Allen Widysanto

Dr Ian Yang

Dr Nofiarni Yusril

Dr Sylvia Yang

Dr Heather Zar

Dr Jing Zhang
  • Dr Zuldi Afki FAPSR, (Indonesia)
  • Dr Ritesh Agarwal FAPSR, (India)
  • Dr Yasser Alkassar FAPSR, (United Arab Emirates)
  • Dr Nora Amalia FAPSR, (Indonesia)
  • Dr Alaina Ammit FAPSR, (Australia)
  • Dr Rizky Andriani FAPSR, (Indonesia)
  • Dr Wahyu Antono FAPSR, (Indonesia)
  • Dr Amira Anwar FAPSR, (Indonesia)
  • Dr Arata Azuma FAPSR, (Japan)
  • Dr Widya Sri Hastuti Bachtiar FAPSR, (Indonesia)
  • Dr Chunxue Bai FAPSR, (China)
  • Dr Myma Banares FAPSR, (Philippines)
  • Dr Richard Beasley FAPSR, (New Zealand)
  • Dr Digambar Behera FAPSR, (India)
  • Dr Norbert Berend FAPSR, (Australia)
  • Dr Sourin Bhuniya FAPSR, (India)
  • Dr Rodolfo Roman T Bigornia FAPSR, (Philippines)
  • Dr Alfredo Jr Bongo FAPSR, (Philippines )
  • Dr Demosthenes Bouros FAPSR, (Greece)
  • Dr Alejandro Casas Herrera FAPSR, (Colombia)
  • Dr Andrew Shien Leng Chan FAPSR, (Australia)
  • Dr Chi Kuen Alan Chan FAPSR, (Hong Kong)
  • Dr Wai Man Johnny Chan FAPSR, (Hong Kong)
  • Dr Wai Ming Chan FAPSR, (Hong Kong)
  • Dr Trilok Chand FAPSR, (India)
  • Dr Anne Chang FAPSR, (Australia)
  • Dr Naricha Chirakalwasan FAPSR, (Thailand)
  • Dr Devasahayam J Christopher FAPSR, (India)
  • Dr Dien Dang FAPSR, (Australia)
  • Dr Rashmi Ranjan Das FAPSR, (India)
  • Dr Teresita S de Guia FAPSR, (Philippines)
  • Dr Peter R Eastwood FAPSR, (Australia)
  • Dr Jesus Egargo FAPSR, (Philippines)
  • Dr Sarayuth Eiamsa-Ard FAPSR, (Thailand)
  • Dr Philip Eng FAPSR, (Singapore)
  • Dr Muhammad Fachri FAPSR, (Indonesia)
  • Dr Malbar Ferrer FAPSR, (Philippines)
  • Dr Kwun Fong FAPSR, (Australia)
  • Dr Kwun Fong FAPSR, (Australia)
  • Dr Yoshinosuke Fukuchi FAPSR, (Japan)
  • Dr Munehisa Fukusumi FAPSR, (Japan)
  • Dr Gajanan Gaude FAPSR, (India)
  • Dr Peter Gibson FAPSR, (Australia)
  • Dr Bharat Gopal FAPSR, (India)
  • Dr David Gozal FAPSR, (USA)
  • Dr Che-Wan Aminuddin Hashim FAPSR, (Malaysia)
  • Dr Sutan Hasibuan FAPSR, (Indonesia)
  • Dr Deddy Herman FAPSR, (Indonesia)
  • Dr James Chung Man Ho FAPSR, (Hong Kong)
  • Dr Lai Ngoh Hooi FAPSR, (Malaysia)
  • Dr Takashi Horie FAPSR, (Japan)
  • Dr David Shu Cheong Hui FAPSR, (Hong Kong)
  • Dr Muhammad Irfan Ilmi FAPSR, (Indonesia)
  • Dr Mary Sau-Man Ip FAPSR, (Hong Kong)
  • Dr Venugopal Jaganathan FAPSR, (India)
  • Dr Ronald David Jalleh FAPSR, (Malaysia)
  • Dr Sharad Joshi FAPSR, (India)
  • Dr Rhea Louela Jusi FAPSR, (Philippines)
  • Dr Jian Kang FAPSR, (China)
  • Dr Taisuke Kazuyori FAPSR, (Japan)
  • Dr Kean Cheang Khoo FAPSR, (Australia)
  • Dr Hiroshi Kimura FAPSR, (Japan)
  • Dr Wai-San Fanny Ko FAPSR, (Hong Kong)
  • Dr Hiroshi Kubo FAPSR, (Japan)
  • Dr Kei Wai Christopher Lai FAPSR, (Hong Kong)
  • Dr David Chi-Leung Lam FAPSR, (Hong Kong)
  • Dr Wai Kei Lam FAPSR, (Hong Kong)
  • Dr David Langton FAPSR, (Australia)
  • Dr Kang-Yun Lee FAPSR, (Taiwan)
  • Dr Yu Li FAPSR, (China)
  • Dr Chong Kin Liam FAPSR, (Malaysia)
  • Dr Harish Mahender FAPSR, (India)
  • Dr Fauzi Mahfuzh FAPSR, (Indonesia)
  • Dr Vinay Mahishale FAPSR, (India)
  • Dr Saravanan Mariappan FAPSR, (India)
  • Dr Andrew Richard Lisle Medford FAPSR, (United Kingdom)
  • Dr Sumit Mehra FAPSR, (Australia)
  • Dr Sanjeev Mehta FAPSR, (India)
  • Dr Giovanni Battista Migliori FAPSR, (Italy)
  • Dr Michiaki Mishima FAPSR, (Japan)
  • Dr Prasanta Raghab Mohapatra FAPSR, (India)
  • Dr Yun Wing Thomas Mok FAPSR, (Hong Kong)
  • Dr Yvonne Bettina Montejo FAPSR, (Philippines)
  • Dr Abdul Razak Muttalif FAPSR, (Malaysia)
  • Dr Yoichi Nakanishi FAPSR, (Japan)
  • Dr Yasutaka Nakano FAPSR, (Japan)
  • Dr Takakiyo Nakaya FAPSR, (Japan)
  • Dr Arth Nana FAPSR, (Thailand)
  • Dr Calvin S H Ng FAPSR, (Hong Kong)
  • Dr Masaharu Nishimura FAPSR, (Japan)
  • Dr Peter John Nolan FAPSR, (Australia)
  • Dr Toshihiro Nukiwa FAPSR, (Japan)
  • Dr Fariz Nurwidya FAPSR, (Indonesia)
  • Dr Jessie Orcasitas FAPSR, (Philippines)
  • Dr Manoj Kumar Panigrahi FAPSR, (India)
  • Dr Majella Harshadeva Eshanth Perera FAPSR, (Sri Lanka)
  • Dr Thomas Jr Polloso FAPSR, (Philippines)
  • Dr Jose M Porcel FAPSR, (Spain)
  • Dr Ashish Kumar Prakash FAPSR, (India)
  • Dr Irandi Pratomo FAPSR, (Japan)
  • Dr Herry Priyanto FAPSR, (Indonesia)
  • Dr Andika Chandra Putra FAPSR, (Indonesia)
  • Dr Jamalul Azizi Abdul Rahaman FAPSR, (Malaysia)
  • Dr Ririen Razika Ramdhani FAPSR, (Indonesia)
  • Dr Glenford Refre FAPSR, (Philippines)
  • Dr Paul Nigel Reynolds FAPSR, (Australia)
  • Dr Alfian Nur Rosyid FAPSR, (Indonesia)
  • Dr Hironori Sagara FAPSR, (Japan)
  • Dr Tjatur Kuat Sagoro FAPSR, (Indonesia)
  • Dr Arif Santoso FAPSR, (Indonesia)
  • Dr Hidetaka Sato FAPSR, (Japan)
  • Dr Dean Schraufnagel FAPSR, (USA)
  • Dr Darmawan Budi Setyanto FAPSR, (Indonesia)
  • Dr YoungSoo Shim FAPSR, (Korea)
  • Dr Robert J Shiner FAPSR, (Israel )
  • Dr Bai Naida Sinsuat FAPSR, (Philippines)
  • Dr Kunji Kannan Sivaraman FAPSR, (Malaysia)
  • Dr Peter David Sly FAPSR, (Australia)
  • Dr Kit-Ying Loletta So FAPSR, (Hong Kong)
  • Dr Sukhwinder Singh Sohal FAPSR, (Australia)
  • Dr Sivaraja Subramaniam FAPSR, (India)
  • Dr Agus Dwi Susanto FAPSR, (Indonesia)
  • Dr Lusi Nursilawati Syamsi FAPSR, (Indonesia)
  • Dr Yuichi Takiguchi FAPSR, (Japan)
  • Dr Angelene Taleon-Parazo FAPSR, (Philippines)
  • Dr Deepak Talwar FAPSR, (India)
  • Dr Alfred Tam FAPSR, (Hong Kong)
  • Dr Cheuk-Yin Tam FAPSR, (Hong Kong)
  • Dr Hoo Kin Tan FAPSR, (Malaysia)
  • Dr Nobuhiro Tanabe FAPSR, (Japan)
  • Dr Poh Lin Jenny Tang FAPSR, (Singapore)
  • Dr Mohan Kumar Thekkinkattil FAPSR, (India)
  • Dr Philip John Thompson FAPSR, (Australia)
  • Dr Pak Yiu Tse FAPSR, (Hong Kong)
  • Dr Tomoyasu Uno FAPSR, (Japan)
  • Dr Vannan-Kandi Vijayan FAPSR, (India)
  • Dr Kai Wang FAPSR, (China)
  • Dr Qi Wang FAPSR, (China)
  • Dr Patrick Weyer FAPSR, (USA )
  • Dr Jennifer Ann Wi FAPSR, (Philippines)
  • Dr Allen Widysanto FAPSR, (Indonesia)
  • Dr Dewi Wijaya FAPSR, (Indonesia)
  • Dr Eric Wong FAPSR, (Australia)
  • Dr Fred Wong FAPSR, (Singapore)
  • Dr Tak Wai Wong FAPSR, (Hong Kong)
  • Dr Ian Yang FAPSR, (Australia)
  • Dr Sylvia Yang FAPSR, (Philippines)
  • Dr Donald Yu Chiu Yu FAPSR, (Hong Kong)
  • Dr Wai Cho Yu FAPSR, (Hong Kong)
  • Dr Tri Agus Yuarsa FAPSR, (Indonesia)
  • Dr Nofiarni Yusril FAPSR, (Indonesia)
  • Dr Heather Zar FAPSR, (South Africa)
  • Dr Jing Zhang FAPSR, (China)

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