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APSR Councils

Councillors are representatives of APSR members in Asia-Pacific countries and regions. They are elected by the APSR members of each country or region and the number of councillors depends on the number of members:

  • 11 – 100 APSR members: one councillor
  • 101 – 1,000 APSR members: two councillors
  • > 1,000 APSR members: three councillors

In addition, an en bloc member society can also elect a councillor.

Council members meet with the APSR President and Executive Committee at the annual APSR congress. This is an opportunity to communicate the needs and ideas of the APSR membership to the APSR leadership. In addition, the councillors elect four of their number to sit on the Executive Committee.

Through this process, APSR members are able to influence and direct the activities of their Society.

Last year's activity reports from the councillors include the following:

Earlier reports include:

Further details about APSR Councils can be found in Article 5.4 of the Society's Charter and Bylaws.