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The APSR is committed to improving clinical practice in respiratory medicine and related disciplines in the Asia-Pacific region through education.

Our toolbox includes regular publications, the annual Congress, workshops and events such as the Educational Seminar of the APSR (ESAP).

For your particular specialty, see the papers selected for their specific educational value.

APSR Endorsements, Position Papers and Guidelines

General guides

  • How to write a research paper
    Peter R Eastwood, Matthew T Naughton, Peter Calverley, Guangqiao Zeng, Richard Beasley, Bruce Robinson, YC Gary Lee: "How to write research papers and grants: 2011 Asian Pacific Society for Respirology Annual Scientific Meeting Postgraduate Session", Respirology (2012) DOI: 10.1111/j.1440-1843.2012.02175.x
  • Research Paper Writing Symposium
    Klaus F Rabe, Edward Abraham, Richard S Irwin, Philip J Thompson: "The 'Write' Way For Authors". APSR session at 11th Congress of the APSR, Kyoto, 2006.
  • Oral presentation tips
    Peter R Eastwood: "10 Tips in 10 minutes for oral presentations". APSR-ISRD session of the ATS International Conference in San Francisco, 2016.