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Members' Honour Roll

We are delighted to introduce the following people who have been nominated by members of the APSR; — members whose careers have been helped by the honouree's guidance and mentoring, or who have been inspired by their contribution to respiratory health in the Asia-Pacific region and elsewhere, or for some other special attribute that makes them worthy of distinction.

If you are an APSR member you are welcome to nominate anyone that you hold in high esteem, to be added to this Roll. The nomination form is here

Today's star mentor:

Dr Mary Sau-Man Ip

Dr Chunxue Bai FAPSR


Reason for nomination by Dr Kwun Fong, FAPSR
"Dr Bai is a world-recognized clinician-scientist through his scientific contributions to lung disease. In addition to this, he has a deep passion and talent for mentorship, and devotes much energy and time to nurturing and supporting young researchers and students. He has taught me why this is so important for future lung health in our region and has been a role model for me to learn how to help support young people, thus it is my honour to gratefully acknowledge Professor Bai for training me to try and replicate some of his success in mentoring the next generation of clinician-scientists."

Dr Norbert Berend FAPSR


Reason for nomination by Dr Kwun Fong, FAPSR
"Being based in Australia, I have had the privilege of enjoying the indirect and direct benefits from Dr Berend's long term and consistent contribution of Australasian respiratory medicine for many years. His outstanding contributions have been recognised by awards such as the TSANZ Medal, the APSR Medal and an Award of Merit from the European Respiratory Society. In 2003 Norbert was made a Member of the Order of Australia for services to respiratory medicine. He is currently Head of Respiratory Research at the George Institute for Global Health and a member of the physiology group at the Woolcock Institute of Medical Research of which he was the Director from 2000 to 2012. He holds the academic title of Professor, Faculty of Medicine, UNSW Sydney; Professor Emeritus at the University of Sydney; and is a Visiting or Honorary Professor at three Chinese Universities. Among his many achievements are as a past President of the Thoracic Society of Australia and New Zealand, and of the APSR. Norbert's research interests include the pathophysiology of asthma and COPD and clinical intervention studies to improve the outcome of airways disease, and his mentorship and teaching to me includes management skills, organisational intelligence and productive relational collaborations. Thank you Norbert for the honour of nominating you in recognition of your colossal contributions."

Dr Eden D Chua


Reason for nomination by Dr John Noel Chan
"After her training in the United States, Dr Chua was responsible for establishing the Respiratory Unit at the Chinese General Hospital and Medical Center. Then, as the sole physician who was adept with respiratory medicine in our institution, she personally attended to and helped set up mechanical ventilators for patients in respiratory compromise. Together with the pioneering respiratory specialists in the Philippines, she devoted time and effort in helping form the local specialty society that was later named the Philippine Collage of Chest Physicians of which she was a Past President.
Her dedication to respiratory medicine paved the way for establishing the Pulmonary Medicine Training Program in our institution in which she remains to be the incumbent Chief of Section. Dr Chua continues to devote her time for the fellows-in-training during conferences and clinical rounds. More than that, she has been a mother figure to her fellows – raising them like her own children – preparing them to stand tall against the challenges of clinical practice. Dynamic. Devoted. Diligent. Three words that make her an exemplary mentor worthy of an honour,"

Dr Yoshinosuke Fukuchi FAPSR


Reason for nomination by Dr Kwun Fong, FAPSR
"It is my immense honour and privilege to nominate Professor Fukuchi for this Honour Roll. His long and distinguished career in respirology is internationally renowned and very well known to members of the APSR; it would take a very long time to chronicle all his many remarkable achievements. For the APSR, even after formal retirement from clinical practice and highest quality scientific research, Dr Fukuchi has selflessly and generously continued to mentor myself and many others involved with the APSR. With his deep knowledge as past President of the APSR, coupled with his legendary wisdom, clinical expertise and research excellence, his mentorship and teaching is very much appreciated. As APSR continues to benefit from his kind help and support, it also continues to amaze me how caring and passionate he is for advancing lung research and science, in order to improve the respiratory health of people in our region and around the world. There is no doubt he truly cares for people and for the APSR, and is a giant of respiratory medicine in our region and around the world. Arigato Fukuchi-sensei."

Dr Teresita de Guia FAPSR


Reason for nomination by Dr Vincent M Balanag Jr
"For her enthusiastic commitment, selfless sharing of time and expertise and her indefatigable leadership in the Asian Pacific Society of Respirology, in spite of the challenges that came along, inspiring the Philippine College of Chest Physician members to greater heights in scientific endeavours and research.

Her outstanding achievements and contribution to the medical profession, unselfishly imparting her expertise in the field of Pulmonary Medicine to fellow physicians, actively engaging in various activities of the College as lecturer, adviser and teacher."

Dr Michiyoshi Harasawa


Reason for nomination by Dr Yoshinosuke Fukuchi
"Dr Michiyoshi Harasawa was my mentor in research and clinical training for over 30 years. He was born in 1926 and passed away in 2002.
His academic career includes professor and chairman of the Department of Geriatrics and director of the Tokyo University Hospital, executive director of the Japanese Respiratory Society (JRS), and president of the JRS. He was a founding member of the APSR, organising the first Congress in 1988 and elected as the first president of the APSR in 1988 through to 1993.
The APSR owes him so much for its launch and steady growth, from the cradle stage of the society. Our appreciation and respect is fully reflected in the Harasawa Scientific Award to remind all members of his commitment and zeal in promoting respiratory science in the Asia-Pacific region."

Dr Mary Sau-Man Ip FAPSR


Reason for nomination by Dr David CL Lam FAPSR
"Dr Ip has inspired me with how an academic respirologist could perform. She has shown me the all-rounded role of being a trainer in both research and clinical work in respiratory medicine and education. She impressed me how to nurture the next generation of young researchers and doctors through different innovative means of teaching both undergraduate s and postgraduates. Being the past president of the APSR, she has also enlightened me with the mission and vision of steering and driving, for collaborative research and education in the Asia-Pacific region."

Dr Toyoharu Isawa


Reason for nomination by Dr Asif Mujtaba Mahmud,
"It is a matter of great honour to gratefully acknowledge the immense contribution of Dr Toyoharu Isawa for the development of my career as a pulmonologist. He has been the initiator for my postgraduate studies in Japan, by kindly arranging my enrolment as a graduate student at the Tohoku University Post Graduate School of Medicine. Since my arrival in Sendai, Japan in 1993 and all through our stay in Japan, he has made all-out efforts to ensure a comfortable stay for me and my family. Dr Isawa is well acknowledged as a pioneer and authority of thoracic nuclear medical imaging in Japan and the Asia-Pacific region, following his advanced training under Prof. George V Taplin at the UCLA Laboratory of Nuclear Medicine and Biology in Los Angeles (1968-1971). He was conferred the Young Investigator (Distinguished) Award by the Society of Nuclear Medicine (USA) in 1971. He is also Recipient of Kumagai Award (JRS) and Gold Medal of the Tohoku Medical Association. In 1989 he became an Associate Professor at the Tohoku University and Head of the nuclear imaging group in Respiratory Medicine. From 2002 to 2007 he served as Clinical Professor of Medicine at Chiba University School of Medicine. He very kindly and adroitly introduced me to the fundamentals of this discipline and its application in respiratory medicine. As a meticulous researcher he guided me regarding my doctoral thesis with great patience. He is also the architect of the advanced clinical training I received in Japan. Based on the assessment of my needs, he ensured that I gain exposure to the advancements in our field, particularly fibreoptic bronchoscopy. He constantly motivated me to become a well-trained competent respiratory physician. This has enabled me to contribute to the advancement of this discipline in Bangladesh. I am fortunate to have received the patronage of such an exemplary teacher."

Dr Shiro Kira


Reason for nomination by Dr Toshihiro Nukiwa FAPSR
"Dr Kira is one of the founding members of the APSR and worked for 20 years establishing the APSR to represent the Asia-Pacific region internationally, along with the ATS and ERS. Dr Kira graduated from the Medical Department of the University of Tokyo in 1955. He served as Professor of Respiratory Medicine in both Jichi Medical School from 1975 and Juntendo University from 1985 and later became Dean. Dr Kira also served the Japanese Respiratory Society (JRS) as a member of their Board of Directors and President of their Annual Meeting. Dr Kira's specialty in respiratory medicine is pulmonary circulation, and has an even wider view of water in the lung, such as pulmonary edema and pleural effusion. As a mentee of Dr Kira, I joined the Department of Respiratory Medicine in Jichi Medical School and also in Juntendo University. I experienced his strong leadership in clinical conferences and research meetings, his enthusiastic passion for patients in the hospital, and the essence of science. When Dr Kira served as chair of the JRS International Committee in 1984, he worked as President of the International Symposium of Respiratory Failure in Tokyo in 1985. It was the participants of this Symposium; Dr M Harasawa, Dr A J Woolcock, Dr S Kira and Dr Y Fukuchi, together with several outstanding leaders of Asia-Pacific countries, who discussed the launch of the APSR. The First Meeting of the APSR was held in Tokyo in 1988 with Dr Harasawa as President and Dr Kira as Secretary General. Later Dr Kira also served as the first Editor-in-Chief of Respirology. Dr Kira was President of the APSR in 2000 to 2002. Altogether, his enormous and outstanding contribution to the APSR has been highly appreciated among members."

Dr Wah-Kit Lam


Reason for nomination by Dr Mary Sau-Man Ip FAPSR
Professor WK Lam graduated from medical school of the University of Hong Kong (HKU) in 1972. He joined the University as lecturer soon after graduation and has since then taught and trained generations of medical students and doctors. For postgraduate training, as founding chairman of Specialty Board in Respiratory Medicine and Vice-President of the Hong Kong College of Physicians (HKCP), he formulated guidelines and laid the foundation for postgraduate training and assessment in respiratory medicine in Hong Kong. He played a key role in the implementation of the joint HKCP Intermediate Examination/MRCP (UK) Examination in Hong Kong. Professor Lam has also built up the invaluable link with mainland and overseas sister colleges of physicians. He has represented Hong Kong in the Asia-Pacific Committee of the Royal Australasian College of Physicians, and was International Advisors for Hong Kong for the Royal Colleges of Physicians of London, Edinburgh and Glasgow. He has not stopped teaching after retirement. He was made Emeritus Professor, HKU in 2016. Prof Lam pioneered research in lung cancer with focus on non-smoking Chinese women in Hong Kong. He has built up vast international reputation on research in lung cancer and respiratory medicine. He helped to assemble a team of clinical and research staff with a comprehensive range of molecular, bio-cellular and clinical research in the University Department of Medicine at Queen Mary Hospital. He has played a pro-active pivotal role in the early days of the development of respiratory medicine in Hong Kong. He was instrumental to the formation of the Hong Kong Thoracic Society and also served as President, Governor and Regent of the then American College of Chest Physicians (Hong Kong and Macau Chapter) in the 1980s. He was founding Chairman of the Hong Kong Lung Foundation (1996), and President of the Asian Pacific Society of Respirology (2002-2004).

Dr Dushantha Madegedara


Reason for nomination by Dr Sumedha Samankantha Heenagamage
A clinician par excellence, dedicated to his patients, hard working and passionate about what he does; he has inspired many young doctors including myself to blossom into respiratory physicians serving our country. The teaching and training I have received is not only on respiratory medicine but on life itself as a doctor. As a keen researcher he has helped in instilling interest in research, also supervising many research projects leading to many published abstracts. The pinnacle for me being the APSR Norbert Berend COPD young investigator awardee for 2017. He has guided me, helped me in my path to success, watched over me and protected me in difficult times. For setting an example of hard work and dedication, inspiring me and providing excellent mentorship, I nominate Dr Madegedara for the Members' Honour Roll with great pride.

Dr Kazuto Matsunaga


Reason for nomination by Dr Tsunahiko Hirano,
"He contributed to the development of respiratory medicine in the Asia-Pacific region."

Dr Michiaki Mishima FAPSR


Reason for nomination by Dr Kwun Fong, FAPSR
"It is a privilege for me to thank and acknowledge Professor Mishima, President of the APSR 2015 and 2016, for his always wise and kind advice, teaching and mentorship to enable me to learn how to contribute to the aims of the APSR, to help improve lung health in our region, to the best of my ability.

Dr Toshihiro Nukiwa FAPSR


Reason for nomination by Dr Asif Mujtaba Mahmud,
"I feel greatly privileged to have received the able tutelage of Prof. Toshihiro Nukiwa as a doctoral student at Tohoku University Graduate School of Medicine. He has been an invaluable source of inspiration for the last twenty years and has shown great magnanimity while fondly referring to me as his first Ryugakusei "foreign student". During an extensive academic career, including a stint at NHLBI in NIH, USA, which culminated in his appointment as Emeritus Professor of Tohoku University in 2011, he has guided a vast number of doctoral students from Japan, Indonesia and other countries. His academic footprints are thereby visible all across the Asia-Pacific region. He received the Kumagai Award of the JRS in 1992 and the Harasawa award of the APSR in 2007. Since 2014 he has led research on TB at the Research Institute of JATA. I was particularly impressed by his innovative chart rounds for thorough discussion on patients and his emphasis on multidisciplinary approaches to serve patients with clinically challenging problems like IPF. Prof. Nukiwa has demonstrated exceptional leadership in heading the national group for research on pirfenidone, which has been a vital breakthrough for IPF patients. He is globally acknowledged as an expert on IPF. He has also chaired the North East Japan Study Group which promoted precision medicine using targeted therapy for NSCLC. Prof. Nukiwa has facilitated the promotion of scientific exchange by inviting pulmonologists from Bangladesh during his tenure as Chairperson of the JRS Congress in Tokyo in 2007, and the APSR congress in Yokohama in 2013. His kind participation at International Conferences on Lung Health in Dhaka has provided inspiration to many budding pulmonologists. As the Editor-in-Chief of Respiratory Investigation, he continues to make significant contributions to the advancement of science. I consider it imperative to express my profound gratitude and great respect to this far-sighted teacher and dynamic leader."

Dr Pan-Chyr Yang


Reason for nomination by Dr Chunxue Bai
"Dr Yang's major research interests include pulmonary and critical care medicine, molecular and cellular biology, lung cancer genomics, and personalized cancer therapy. He was elected a Fellow of the National Academy of Inventors and a member of the Academia Sinica for his international leadership in lung cancer research. His new researches have significantly improved the survival rates of lung cancer patients."

Dr Nan-Shan Zhong


Reason for nomination by Dr Chunxue Bai
"Dr Zhong was the first researcher to put forward the concept of "occult asthma" and preliminary treatment of asthma, and he was the significant compiler of treatment guidelines of SARS, H5N1 and H1N1. With the leadership of Professor Zhong, GIRD achieved the highest survival rate from the SARS battle in 2003 as well as the severe infectious diseases of H7N9, MERS and H5N6. He led the first multi-center research of pathogen of China chronic cough, led the drawing up of the first guideline of China cough diagnosis and treatment. Professor Zhong's team first verified that replacing the biofuel could decrease COPD and sulfhydryl-containing compounds could prevent the outbreak of acute COPD, which was listed as a recommend drug in Global Prevention Guideline. Professor Zhong has published numerous articles, of which were awarded the Lancet Best Article and ISEE Annual Best Article. He was the editor of twelve monographies, including Internal Medicine (Edition VII), Respiratory Medicine (Edition II), etc. He was awarded many prizes including the Distinguished Contribution Award in Respiratory Disease of Chinese Medical Association, Lifetime Achievement Honourary Award in Respiratory Disease, Guanghua Engineering Science and Technology Achievement Award and Second Prize of National Science and Technology Awards."

Dr Paul Zimmerman


Reason for nomination by Dr Kwun Fong and Dr Ian Yang
"A legend of Thoracic Medicine in Australia, Dr Zimmerman has contributed immensely to clinical care, teaching and education of many generations of respiratory clinicians and scientists including ourselves. We feel proud and privileged to have been mentored by an exemplar of best clinical practice, indisputable moral and ethical behaviour, unparalleled intelligence, compassionate caring, motivational leadership and selfless teaching and groundbreaking research. He served the people of Queensland for many years, building a legion of grateful patients and families, and shaped respiratory medicine in this part of Australia.
His philosophy is pure and unparalleled with consistent support for helping people at risk of and affected by lung disease building on three strands: world-class people, supported by sustainable research funding in a dynamic setting where clinical relevance and academic rigour interact.
'We need the people, the funding and the right context in order to deliver tomorrow's medicine for today's people.'"