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2015 APSR Congress

Scientific programme

This page has been reproduced from the website of the
2015 APSR Congress in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 3-6 December 2015.


  • Participants attending the Respiratory Neurobiology and Sleep Workshop will be awarded 6 CPD points under the MMC CPD Grading System.
  • Participants attending the other Workshops will be awarded 4 CPD points under the MMC CPD Grading System.

Workshop 1: Smoking Cessation

0830-0900Updates in Global Tobacco Control
– Hayden McRobbie (New Zealand)
0900-0930Tobacco and the lungs
– Helmy Haja Mydin (Malaysia)
0930-1000Smoking cessation therapies
– Nurhayati Mohd Marzuki (Malaysia)/td>
1000-1030Coffee break
1030-1100The challenges of implementing a smoking cessation service
– Suthat Rungruanghiranya (Thailand)
1100-1130Motivational Interviewing
– Amer Siddiq Amer Nordin
1130-1200How to deal with the recalcitrant smoker
– Wee Lei Hum (Malaysia)
1200-1230The role of ecigarettes in smoking cessation
– Hayden McRobbie (New Zealand)

Workshop 2: Interstitial Lung Disease

1330-1400Approach to the patient with ILD
– John Simpson (UK)
1400-1430Pulmonary function testing in ILD diagnostic and prognostic indicators
– Takashi Ogura (Japan)
1430-1500Interpreting CT scans in ILD
– Masashi Takahashi (Japan)
1500-1530Histopathology of ILD
– Nor Salmah Bakar (Malaysia)
1530-1600Coffee break
1600-1630Pulmonary hypertension secondary to ILD
– Sundari Ampikaipakan (Malaysia)
1630-1700Advances in the treatment of ILD
– Masahito Ebina (Japan)
1700-1730Diagnostic pitfalls of sarcoidosis
– John Simpson (UK)

Workshop 3 & 4: Bronchoscopy and Interventional techniques

TimePart 1
0800-0810Course introduction
– SiewTeckTie (Malaysia)
0810-0840Electromagnetic navigational bronchoscopy and related techniques in the diagnosis of peripheral lung nodule
– Chung Ming Chu (Hong Kong)
0840-0910Conventional TBNA Is there a role in the era of EBUS?
– Jamsak Tscheikuna (Thailand)
0910-0940EBUS TBNA Tips to improve the yield
– Takehiro Izumo (Japan)
0940-1010Airway debulking Which is the best option?
– Jamalul Azizi Abdul Rahaman (Malaysia)
1010-1030Coffee break
1030-1100Airway stenting in malignant obstruction
– Hideo Saka (Japan)
1100-1130Airway stenting in benign stricture
– Philip Eng (Singapore)
1130-1200Role of navigational bronchoscopy in the surgical management of lung cancer
– Calvin Ng (Hong Kong)
1200-1240Industry-sponsored Symposium (Sponsored by Boston Scientific)
Bronchial Thermoplasty How I do it
– Gerald Cox (Canada)
TimePart 2
1340-1700Bronchial thermoplasty
– Gerald Cox (Canada)

Rigid Bronchoscopy and airway stenting
– Hideo Saka (Japan)

EBUS-TBNA Tips to improve the diagnostic yield
– Takehiro Izumo (Japan)

Navigational Bronchoscopy
– Chung-Ming Chu (Hong Kong)

Endobronchial debulking
– Jamalul Azizi Rahaman (Malaysia)

Workshop 5 & 6: Thoracic Ultrasound & Pleuroscopy

TimePart 1
0830-0900Thoracic ultrasound imaging Introductionand normal anatomy
– Anushya Vijayanathan (Malaysia)
0900-0930Thoracic ultrasound imaging
  • Effusion
  • Infection
  • Pleural thickening
  • Lymph nodes
  • Lung masses
– Anushya Vijayanathan (Malaysia)
0930-1000Medical Pleuroscopy Introduction
– Anantham Devanand (Singapore)/td>
1000-1030Coffee break
1030-1100Flexible pleuroscopy How I do it
– Pyng Lee (Singapore)
1100-1130Rigid pleuroscopy How I do it
– Anantham Devanand (Singapore)
1130-1200Indwelling Pleural Catheter (IPC)
– Hilmi Lockman (Malaysia)
1200-1230Q & A
TimePart 2
1330-1700Practical Session
  • 3 groups Ultrasound/IPC/ Thoracoscopy
– Pyng Lee (Singapore)
– Anushya Vijayanathan (Malaysia)
– Anantham Devanand (Singapore)
– Hilmi Lockman (Malaysia)
– Mohd Arif Mohd Zim (Malaysia)
– Fauzi Md Anshar (Malaysia)
– Razul Md Nazri Md Kassim (Malaysia)

Workshop 7 & 8: Respiratory Neurobiology & Sleep (6 CPD points)

0820-0830Welcome speech
– Ahmad Izuanuddin Ismail (Malaysia)
0830-0920Updates on Sleep-Related Breathing Disorders in International Classification of Sleep disorders 3rd Edition
– Kazuo Chin (Japan)
0920-1010Polysomnographic assessment of SDB (OSA, CSA, Sleep-Related Hypoventilation in ICSD3)
– Naricha Chirakalwasan (Thailand)
1010-1040Coffee break
1040-1130Sleep-Disordered Breathing in children and its effects
– David Gozal (USA)
1130-1220Clinical & Practical Pearls (1)
Case discussion on Central Sleep Apnoea and therapy
– David Gozal (USA)
1400-1450Clinical & Practical Pearls (2)
Case discussion on Excessive Daytime Sleepiness
– Naricha Chirakalwasan (Thailand)
1450-1540Advances in management of Sleep Disordered Breathing
– Atul Malhotra (USA)
1540-1630Clinical & Practical Pearls (3)
Case discussion on Parasomnia
– Syed Hassan Syed Ahmad Almashoor (Malaysia)

Workshop 10: Non-Invasive Ventilation

1330-1400The basics of NIV
– Stefano Nava (Italy) rd
1400-1430How to improve patientventilator synchrony
– Stefano Nava (Italy)
1430-1445Q & A
1445-1515Noninvasive ventilation in children Evidence-based considerations
– David Gozal (USA)
1515-1545How to set NIV in acute respiratory failure
– Stefano Nava (Italy)
1545-1600Coffee break
1600-1730Illustrative Case Discussions
  • Mask selection and fitting,
  • Ventilator settings,
  • and troubleshooting
– Stefano Nava (Italy)
– David Gozal (USA)
– Asiah Kassim (Malaysia)