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12th Congress of the APSR

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2nd Joint Congress of the APSR/ACCP

Gold Coast, 2007

This congress was held at Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre, on 30 November - 4 December 2007.

Congress websites remain online for a limited period after the event. Therefore for posterity, the following links are reproduced from the congress website www.apsr2007.org at the close of the congress.

Given the size and complexity of such events, it is inevitable that there were last minute changes. Consequently there is no guarantee that all the sessions detailed actually took place in the form advertised.

Information that is unlikely to be of further interest, such as hotel booking, transportation arrangements to the venue, etc., has been omitted.

Congress poster

The 12th Congress of the APSR was held 30 November - 4 December 2007 at the Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre, Queensland, Australia. (Online submission of Abstracts closed 29th June 2007.)

Congress Secretariat:

Conference Secretariat
PO Box 949, Kent Town, SA 5079, Australia
Telephone: +618 8363 1307
Facsimile: +618 8363 1604
Email: apsr2007@fcconventions.com.au
Congress website: www.apsr2007.org

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The APSR holds a congress every year and this was the twelfth. It was also the second joint Congress that the APSR had held with the American College of Chest Physicians (ACCP).