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Kyoto, 2006

This congress was held at Kyoto International Conference Hall, on 19-22 November 2006.

Congress websites remain online for a limited period after the event. Therefore for posterity, the following links are reproduced from the congress website www.apsr2006.org at the close of the congress.

Given the size and complexity of such events, it is inevitable that there were last minute changes. Consequently there is no guarantee that all the sessions detailed actually took place in the form advertised.

Information that is unlikely to be of further interest, such as hotel booking, transportation arrangements to the venue, etc., has been omitted.

A full range of videos and presentation slides was available to members.

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Report from the Congress President, Dr Y. Fukuchi

As President of the 11th Congress of the APSR, I am delighted to report that it was well attended by more than 2,400 academic participants from 43 countries.

I am extremely grateful to the Japanese Respiratory Society (JRS) and Japan Tuberculosis Society for their great support in preparing the Congress. All the directors of the JRS served as chairmen/members of the subcommittees of the local organizing committee. I am particularly appreciative of hard work of Professors Takashi Horie, Shoji Kudoh, Takayuki Kuriyama, Ichiro Kawase, Michiaki Mishima and Masaharu Nishimura.

We had three goals when we planned the Congress. First, to set high scientific standard in the program; second, to give as much support as possible for young doctors to attend; and third, to set a role-model active poster presentation to facilitate discussion/exchange on the site. It is particularly gratifying to get positive feedback on these points from the attendees after the Congress.

I would like to express my sincere thanks to those who submitted the 710 abstracts and to those who joined us in the scientific programs. In particular, I am so grateful to kind support and cooperation given to the APSR from our sister societies, ATS, ERS, ALAT and ACCP.

Yoshinosuke Fukuchi
Congress President, the 11th APSR Kyoto Congress

Message from the New President, Dr N. Berend

The 11th Congress held in Kyoto on the 19th to 22nd of November was an outstanding success with more than 2,400 attendees and well over 700 submitted abstracts. There were many excellent sessions with the presidents of ATS, ERS, ACCP, ALAT and the president of last year's APSR Congress Dr Nan-Shan Zhong, contributing to the Presidents' Symposium on the last day as well as giving a number of other presentations throughout the Congress. The special seminar on writing and publishing scientific papers involving the Editors-in-Chief of Respirology, CHEST, American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine, and European Respiratory Journal, was a unique initiative which proved very popular. The session was recorded and will soon be available by streaming video on the APSR website (www.apsresp.org).

Those registrants who were able to take some time to see the sights were rewarded by traditional Japanese architecture and gardens, a rich cultural heritage, numerous beautiful shrines and temples on a backdrop of spectacular autumn colours.

We thank Drs. Fukuchi, Mishima and Nishimura and their team who worked very hard to make the 11th Congress such a success.

Norbert Berend
APSR President


Abstracts from the Congress have been published in a special Supplement of Respirology and can be seen online.

APSR2006 Congress Awards

The following doctors received awards for their outstanding work achievements.

APSR Young Investigator Travel Fellowship
Chia-Hung Chen
Kendle M Estcourt
Chuangli Hao
Shinn-Jye Liang
Yi-Heng Liu
Hermione Poh
Mizanur Rahman
Suphagaphan Ratanamaneechat
Chen Shen
Yu-Lin Tsai
Chen-Yu Wang
Yao T Wang
JRS Young Investigator Travel Fellowship (Harasawa Fellowship)
Olanisun O Adewole
Anita A Arsovska
Zoran S Arsovski
Jennifer T Burchell
Kuan Yu Chen
Wirongrong Chierakul
Golnaz Ebrahimi
Shih Gangell
Shou Wei Han
James C Ho
Yanfei Jin Hwa
Catherine L Jin-Yuan
Sally M Lansley
Guo Lee
Jaechun Lee
Lungyu Liu
Robert J J O'Donoghue
Yusuf Pohan
Prayudi Santoso
Zahra Shariat
Baoqing Sun
Oon Hoe Teoh
JKL Wang
Lisa G Wood
Ozkan Yetkin
APSR Travel Awards to attend the ATS Congress
Lisa WoodHiroo Wada
TSANZ Scholarship
JKL Wang
Best Poster awardees
Marina Arifin
Momoyo Azuma
Kazi S Bennoor
Watchara Boonsawat
Kuan Yu Chen
Koji Chihara
Eleanor A Dominguez
Makoto Fueki
Yoko Gunji
Yanfei Guo
Roslan Harun
Satomi Hashimoto
Rieko Hatta
Shinichi Hayashi
Mei He
Takashi Hirose
Keiko Hiyama
Sakae A Homma
Jin Won Huh
Satoshi Ikegame
Naohiko Inase
Satoru Ito
Wataru Ito
Jih-Shuin Jerng
Pim A de Jong
Ki-Suck Jung
Shintaro Kanda
Teruaki Kimura
Jun Kishi
Kazuma Kishi
Hiroko Kitaoka
Fanny WS Ko
Yong Soo Kwon
Kye Young Lee
Shih-Yi Lee
Hui-Ping Li
Yuka M Miyazu
Norihisa Motohashi
Tetsuro Nishihira
Masaru Nishitsuji
Nao Odajima
Shinichiro Okamoto
Hirokazu Ogino
Emiko Ono
Makoto Osawa
Hideo Oya
Yoshitaka Oyamada
Hye Yun Park
Dewi Puspitorini
Noriho Sakamoto
Atsuyasu Sato
Manabu Soda
Hitomi Takahashi
Naoya Takeda
Tsuyoshi Tanabe
Hiroshi Tanaka
Tomoaki Tanaka
Oon Hoe Teoh
Hiromitsu Teruya
Ayuko Uesaka
Hiroo Wada
JKL Wang
Kousuke Watanabe
Masanari Watanabe
Lisa G Wood
Toshiyuki Yamagata
Kohei Yamauchi
Masaru Yanai
Makito Yasui
Hiroshige Yoshioka
Faisal Yunus