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12 May 2007

This ESAP was held 13:00-15:00 on the last day of the JRS meeting in Hall D1 of the Tokyo International Forum. (Access map)

New Horizons in Asthma/COPD

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The programme presented the latest information on asthma & COPD guidelines and their related topics. It then provided pulmonary physicians with information regarding cellular and molecular mechanism on the pathogenesis of asthma and COPD. Finally, this seminar updated the knowledge of the audience on new developments in treatment of these diseases.

13:10WelcomeKazuhisa Takahashi
(Juntendo University)
Session 1
Arata Azuma (Nippon Medical School)
John Reilly (Harvard Medical School)
13:15Overview and introductionShu Hashimoto
(Nihon University)
13:25New aspects on glucocorticoid actionIan Adcock
(National Heart & Lung Institute Imperial College)
13:45Are allergic rhinitis and asthma manifestations of one syndrome? Revisiting the linkRuby Pawankar
(Nippon Medical School)
14:05Current topics on genetics of asthma/COPDKoichiro Asano
(Keio University)
Session 2
Jun Tamaoki (Tokyo Women's Medical University)
Peter Frith (Repatriation General Hospital)
14:30COPD management and related topicsWilliam MacNee
(University of Edinburgh)
14:50Anti-inflammatory therapy in asthma/COPDKenji Minoguchi
(Showa University)
15:10ClosingYoshinosuke Fukuchi
(Juntendo University)
President:Nobert Berend
Strategic Planning Committee Chairman:Yoshinosuke Fukuchi
Educational Committee Chairman:Richard Beasley
(New Zealand)
Treasurer:Shoji Kudoh
Local Organizing Committee Chairman:Shu Hashimoto
(Nihon University)
Local Organizing Committee:Arata Azuma
(Nippon Medical School)
Akitoshi Ishizaka
(Keio University)
Kenji Minoguchi
(Showa University)
Kazuhisa Takahashi
(Juntendo University)
Jun Tamaoki
(Tokyo Women's Medical University)
Koichiro Tatsumi
(Chiba University)
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