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9-10 December 2006

This ESAP event was organized by Professor Faisal Yunus, Chairman of the Indonesian Society of Respirology, and supported by the APSR. The proceedings were opened by Professor Norbert Berend, President of the APSR. The initial plan had been to hold this educational event in June, 2006. However, the earthquake in Java on 27th May 2006 forced postponement to December, 2006.

Interventional Pulmonology Course on Bronchoalveolar Lavage & Medical Thoracoscopy

Day 1

Venue: Golden Boutique Hotel

The first day of the event was attended by 140 pulmonologists from across Indonesia (Aceh, Padang, Bandung, Semarang, Solo, Surabaya, Kalimantan, and Bali). The programme is reproduced below and the main topics were:

  • Bronchoalveolar lavage: overview
  • Novel microsampling method to analyse epithelial lining fluid
    - comparison with BAL method
  • Infectious lung disease and BAL
    - Is there any place for it?
  • The use of BAL in respiratory care and obstructive airway disease
  • Bronchoalveolar lavage: How I do it
    - Handling & processing the sample (VTR)
  • Medical thoracoscopy
    - overview
  • Anatomy & physiology of pleural space
  • How to prepare the patient & thoracoscopy techniques
    - (one port, 2 or 3 port of entries)
  • Pleural biopsy techniques & pleurodesis
  • Managing empyema & pneumothorax
  • Pleural malignancy, mesothelioma and other pleural diseases
  • New development in interventional bronchology
ESAP Jakarta 01
Some of the ESAP delegates in the packed hall
Day 2

Venue: Persahabatan Hospital

On the second day, there was a hands-on seminar, held in Department of Respiratory Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, University of Indonesia in Asthma Clinic Persahabatan Hospital.

This was attended by 40 pulmonologists from across the country, who engaged in:

  • How to handle and prepare the BAL sample
  • How to install the thoracoscope to patient
  • Pleural biopsy techniques & pleurodesis
ESAP Jakarta 03 ESAP Jakarta 06 ESAP Jakarta 07

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ESAP Jakarta 09 ESAP Jakarta 08 ESAP Jakarta 10

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Day 1 (December 9, 2006)

Venue: Golden Boutique Hotel
Jl. Angkasa No.1, Jakarta 10720, Indonesia

08:00‑08:10Opening speechNorbert Berend
08:10‑08:30Bronchoalveolar lavage: overviewAkitoshi Ishizaka
08:30‑08:50Novel microsampling method to analyze epithelial lining fluid - comparison with BAL methodAkitoshi Ishizaka (Japan)
08:50‑09:10TBAMartin Phillips
09:10‑09:30Infectious lung disease and BAL: Is there any place for it?Yoshiki Ishii
09:30‑10:00Bronchoalveolar lavage: How I do it
BAL: Handling & processing the sample (VTR)
Yoshiki Ishii
10:10‑10:30Coffee break
10:30‑10:50What is good sample: A clinical Pathologist's point of viewLia Gardenia
10:50‑11:10Medical thoracoscopy: overviewT. Miyazawa
11:10‑11:30Anatomy & physiology of pleural spaceBoedi Swidarmoko
11:30‑11:50How to prepare the patients & thoracoscopy techniquesAlan Ng WK
13:00‑13:20Pleural biopsy techniques & pleurodesisMenaldi Rasmin
13:20‑13:40Managing empyema & pneumothoraxAlan Ng WK
13:40‑14:00Pleural malignancy, mesothelioma and other pleural diseasesYoshiki Ishii
14:00‑14:20TBAMartin Phillips
14:20‑14:40New development in interventional bronchologyT. Miyazawa
Day 2 (December 10, 2006)

Venue: Persahabatan Hospital
Pulo Gadung, East Jakarta City 13230, Indonesia

08:00‑09:00: Preparation & breakfast
09:00‑12:30: Workshops:

Station 1:Station 2:
BALHow to handle and prepare the BAL sample
Yoshiki Ishii (Japan) and Faisal Yunus (Indonesia)Akitoshi Ishizaka (Japan) and Budhi Antariksa (Indonesia)
Station 3:Station 4:
How to install the thoracoscope to patientPleural biopsy techniques & pleurodesis
T. Miyazawa (Japan) and Boedi Swidarmoko (Indonesia)Alan Ng WK (Singapore) and Menaldi Rasmin (Indonesia)

Rotation of participants to the 4 stations. Each station duration 45 minutes (includes demonstration)