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10th Congress of the APSR

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1st Joint Congress of the APSR/ACCP

Guangzhou, 2005

This congress was held at Dong Fang International Convention and Exhibition Center, on 11-14 November 2005.

Congress websites remain online for a limited period after the event. Therefore for posterity, the following links are reproduced from the congress website www.apsr2005.com.org at the close of the congress.

Given the size and complexity of such events, it is inevitable that there were last minute changes. Consequently there is no guarantee that all the sessions detailed actually took place in the form advertised.

Information that is unlikely to be of further interest, such as hotel booking, transportation arrangements to the venue, etc., has been omitted.

The following information appeared in the Final Announcement

Congress poster

CMPMedica Asia
Unit 16B, New Hualian Mansion (East Tower)
755 Huai Hai Zhong Road, Shanghai 200020, China
Tel: (86) 21 5465 2660 Fax: (86) 21 5465 2662
Email: apsr2005@asia.cmpmedica.com
Website: ***1



Organizing Committee3
Congress Information4
Programme at a Glance5
Registration Information9
Call for Papers10
Hotel Accommodation12
Information on Guangzhou14


Registration Form / Hotel Reservation Form
Abstract Submission Form

Important Dates

Deadline for Abstract Submission31 July 2005
Deadline for Early Bird Registration31 August 2005
Deadline for Hotel Reservation15 October 2005
Deadline for Tour Reservation31 October 2005



Nan-Shan Zhong

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

It gives me great pleasure to invite you to attend the 10th Congress of the APSR as well as the 1st Joint Congress of the APSR/ACCP. The event, to be held in Guangzhou, China, on November 11-14, 2005, is made possible by the joint efforts of the Asian Pacific Society of Respirology and the American College of Chest Physicians as The co-organizers, and The Chinese Medical Association, The Chinese Society of Respiratory Diseases, the Guangdong Medical Association, the Guangzhou Association for Science and Technology and the Guangzhou Medical College as the hosts. The Congress is definitely the first of its kind in bringing together experts in respiratory medicine from the East and the West.

A wide range of topics of interest will be covered in the scientific programme, providing participants an excellent opportunity to keep abreast of the latest developments in respiratory medicine and cardiovascular diseases.

Being one of China's largest and busiest cities, Guangzhou is the energetic trading centre and heart of the Guangdong province. Located north of the Pearl River Delta from where it is nurtured since time immemorial, this rich land was one of the starting points of the ancient Marine Silk Road connecting the East and the west. Its long history of more than 2,800 years leaves the city numerous scenic and historical sites that are perfect to visit any time of the year, providing precious memories that add to this modern east-meets-west trip thousands of years later.

On behalf of the Organizing Committee of the 10th Congress of the APSR and the 1st Joint Congress of the APSR/ACCP, we look forward to seeing you in Guangzhou in November 2005.

Professor Nan-Shan Zhong
10th Congress of the APSR
1st Joint Congress of the APSR/ACCP


Local Organizing Committee

Nan-Shan Zhong
Vice Presidents
Shao-guang Huang
Jian Kong
You-ning Liu
Secretary General
Chen Wang
Guang-qiao Zeng
Bao-qing Sun
Qing-ping Zeng
Scientific Programme
Rong-chang Chen (China) - Chairman
Paul Kvale (USA) - Chairman
Richard Ruffin (Australia)
Chun-xue Bai (China)
Jiang-tao Lin (China)
Can-mao Xie (China)
Jun Xu (China)
Kenneth Tsang (Hong Kong)
Masaaki Mishima (Japan)
Toshihiro Nukiwa (Japan)
YoungSoo Shin (Korea)
Pan-chyr Yang (Taiwan)
Suchai Charoenratanakul (Thailand)
Quan-yin He
Huan-zhong Shi
Social Programme
Jing Li
Exhibition & Congress Facilities
Jing-ping Zheng


Congress Information

Congress Date
November 11-14, 2005
Congress Venue
Dong Fang International Convention and Exhibition Center
Dong Fang Hotel, 120 Liu Hua Road, Guangzhou 510016, China
CMPMedica Asia
Unit 16B, New Hualian Mansion (East Tower)
755 Huai Hai Zhong Road
Shanghai 200020, China
Tel: (86) 21 5465 2660
Fax: (86) 21 5465 2662
Email: apsr2005@asia.cmpmedica.com
Website: ***1
Official Language
English is the official language of the Congress.
Letter of Invitation
Letters of invitation to help overcome administrative difficulties in certain countries will be sent upon request. It must be understood that such letters do not imply any financial or other support from the Organizing Committee.
In conjunction with the Congress, an exhibition featuring the latest products, equipment and educational materials in respiratory medicine will be held on 11-14 November 2005. Admission to the exhibition is free for all registered participants.
The Local Organizing Committee is not responsible for personal accidents or damage to the private property of registered participants. Therefore, it is suggested that participants make their own arrangements with respect to medical, accident and other necessary insurance.


Programme at a Glance

11 Nov 2005 (Friday)
Workshop 1: Interventional PulmonologyWorkshop 2: Non-invasive VentilationWorkshop 3: Pleural Diseases
AfternoonAnn Woolcock Memorial Lecture
Coffee Break
Michiyoshi Harasawa Memorial Lecture
Satellite Symposium 1:
Chronic Cough
(Sponsored by Wyeth)
EveningCocktail Reception
Opening Ceremony
Welcome Dinner
(Sponsored by Wyeth)
12 Nov 2005 (Saturday)
MorningParallel Session 1A: COPD - Epidemiology and MechanismParallel Session 1B: Epidemiology of AsthmaParallel Session 1C: Disasters and PulmonologistsParallel Session 1D: Molecular Biology of Lung Cancer
Coffee Break
Parallel Session 2A: Mechanism of AsthmaParallel Session 2B: Therapeutic BronchoscopyParallel Session 2C: Pneumonia and BronchiectasisFree Paper Session 1
LunchSatellite Symposium 2: Asthma and Lunch (Sponsored by AstraZeneca)Satellite Symposium 3: COPD and Lunch (Sponsored by Boehringer Ingelheim/Pfizer)
AfternoonParallel Session 3A: TuberculosisParallel Session 3B: Environmental Associated Pulmonary DiseasesParallel Session 3C: Sleep Disordered BreathingFree Paper Session 2
Coffee Break
Poster Presentation Session 1
EveningSatellite Symposium 4: GINA and Dinner (Sponsored by GlaxoSmithKline)
13 Nov 2005 (Sunday)
MorningParallel Session 4A: Respiratory Viral InfectionParallel Session 4B: Molecular Pathogenesis of SepsisParallel Session 4C: Management of AsthmaParallel Session 4D: Interstitial Lung Diseases - Overview and Etiology
Coffee Break
Parallel Session 5A: Respiratory Monitoring in ICUParallel Session 5B: Diagnostic BronchoscopyParallel Session 5C: Interstitial Lung DiseasesFree Paper Session 3
LunchSatellite Symposium 5: Asthma and Lunch (Sponsored by MSD)Satellite Symposium 6: COPD and Lunch (Sponsored by GloxoSmithKline)
AfternoonParallel Session 6A: Mechanical VentilationParallel Session 6B: ImagingParallel Session 6C: Lung TransplantationFree Paper Session 4
Coffee Break
Poster Presentation Session 2
EveningSatellite Symposium 7: Infection and Dinner (Sponsored by Bayer)Satellite Symposium 8: Infection and Dinner (Sponsored by Daiichi)
14 Nov 2005 (Monday)
MorningParallel Session 7A: Current Therapy in ICUParallel Session 7B: ThromboembolismParallel Session 7C: Current Therapy for Lung CancerParallel Session 7D: COPD Treatment and Guideline
Coffee Break
Presidential Symposium
Closing Ceremony



Workshop 1: Workshop on Interventional Bronchoscopy

Date: Friday, November 11, 2005
Time: 10:00‑12:00 (2 hours)
10:00‑10:25Endobroncial tumor destruction - flexible options (Philip Eng, Singapore)
10:25‑10:50Medical pleuroscopy - should pulmonologists do this? (Praveen Mathur, USA)
10:50‑11:10Coffee Break
11:10‑11:35Endoscopic foreign body removal (Udaya Prakash, USA)
11:35‑12:00Transbronchial needle aspiration: how to improve your yield (Atul Mehta, USA)
Workshop 2: Workshop on Non-invasive Ventilation

Date: Friday, November 11, 2005
Time: 10:00‑12:00 (2 hours)
10:00‑10:25Current status of NPPV in Japan (Hideki Ishihara, Japan)
10:25‑10:50Non-invasive ventilation in chronic COPD (Douglas McEvoy, Australia)
10:50‑11:10Coffee Break
11:10‑11:35Non-invasive ventilation (Kalpalatha Guntupalli, USA)
11:35‑12:00Setting up a non-invasive ventilation service (Amanda Piper, Australia)
Workshop 3: Workshop on Pleural Diseases

Date: Friday, November 11, 2005
Time: 10:00‑12:00 (2 hours)
10:00‑10:25Inflammatory pleural effusion: guideline and perspective (Richard Light, USA)
10:25‑10:50Treatment of pneumothorax: ACCP guidelines (Michael Baumann, USA)
10:50‑11:10Coffee Break
11:10‑11:35Malignant mesothelioma (Dorsett Smith, USA)
11:35‑12:00Pleural tuberculosis (Katsuhiko Aoyama, Japan)



Kwun Fong
Greg King
Douglas McEvoy
Prue Monroe
Amanda Piper
Helen Reddel
Ron Grunstein
Cheryl Salome
Euan Tovey
Rong-chang Chen
Jian-Xing He
Bi-jie Hu
Shao-guang Huang
Jian Kang
Pi-xin Ran
Chen Wang
Su-min Wang
Yi-long Wu
Jun Xu
Nan-Shan Zhong
Jurgen Behr
Erika von Mutius
Hong Kong
Christopher Lai
VVah-kit Lam
Clara Ooi
Malik Peiris
Kenneth Tsang
Loretta Yam
Anthony Yim
Walter McNicholas
Mayumi Abe
Katsuhiko Aoyama
Fumihiro Asano
Arata Azuma
Hiroshi Date
Masaki Fujimura
Yoshinosuke Fukuchi
Satoru Hashimoto
Hideki Ishihara
Kyosuke Ishihara
Minoru Kanazawa
Shoji Kudoh
Teruomi Miyazawa
Toru Mori
Kiyoshi Murata
Fumikazu Sakai
Masayuki Suzukawa
Jun Ueki
Chang-ho Kim
Sun-young Kim
Won-dong Kim
YoungSoo Shim
Jea-hoon Song
New Zealand
Neil Pierce
Philip Eng
United Kingdom
William MacNee
John Moxham
Michael Polkey
David Strachan
Pan-chyr Yang
Michael Alberts
Charles Atwood
Ted Barnett
Michael Baumann
Sidney Braman
Jack Buckley
Gordon Ford
Kalpalatha Guntupalli
Richard Irwin
Paul Kvale
Richard Light
Praveen Mathur
Mary Anne McCaffree
Robert McCaffree
Atul Mehta
Larry Mohr
Dan Ouellette
Sue Pingleton
Vlasis Polychronopoulos
Udaya Prakash
Mark Rosen
Paul Seale
Dorsett Smith
Karen Swanson
Peter Wagner
Jeremy Farrar


Registration Information

Registration Fees
Early Bird
(on or before 31 Aug 2005)
(1 Sep to 4 Nov 2005)
(on or after 5 Nov 2005)
APSR/ACCP MemberUS$350/
Accompanying PersonUS$100/
All CategoryUS$50/
Registration Procedures
Registration must be made with the registration form provided. Payment of registration fee should be made by bank draft in US Dollars payable to "Guangzhou Economy & Technology Industrial Development Co.". For credit card payment, only Visa or MasterCard will be accepted. Registration forms and payment should be sent to the Secretariat:
CMPMedica Asia
Unit 16B, New Hualian Mansion (East Tower)
755 Huai Hai Zhong Road, Shanghai 200020, China
Tel: (86) 21 5465 2660 Fax: (86) 21 5465 2662
Email: apsr2005@asia.cmpmedica.com
Website: ***1

Registered participants are entitled to attend all scientific sessions. They are also invited to participate in the cocktail reception, opening ceremony, welcome dinner, exhibition and closing ceremony. Only registered participants are eligible to register for the workshops.

Registered accompanying persons are entitled to attend the cocktail reception, opening ceremony, welcome dinner and closing ceremony.

Cancellation and Reimbursement
If written cancellation of registration is received before 15 September 2005, 50% of registration fee will be reimbursed. There will be no refund for cancellations received after this date.
Free Paper Presenters
All free paper presenters are required to register with the Congress for presenting their work.


Call for Papers ***2

The Scientific Programme Committee cordially invites abstract submission for the Congress. Abstracts of all aspects of respiratory medicine are welcome. Both oral and poster presentations will be offered at the Congress. Accepted abstracts will be published in the abstract book. The Committee reserves the right to reject abstracts and edit the language. Presenters who wish to submit more than one abstract can photocopy the original abstract form attached to this brochure.***2
Presenting author should fill in the attached form and send to:
10th Congress of the Asian Pacific Society of Respirology
1st Joint Congress of the Asian Pacific Society of Respirology / American College of Chest Physicians
Secretariat: CMPMedica Asia
Unit 16B, New Hualian Mansion (East Tower)
755 Huai Hai Zhong Road, Shanghai 200020, China
Abstracts must be written in English. The length of the abstract should not exceed 300 words. A computer-generated Times New Roman 10-point font is recommended. Please submit 1 hard copy and a computer file of the abstract to the Secretariat before the deadline. Online abstract submission is also available, please visit our website: ***1 Kindly note that abstract forms sent by facsimile will not be accepted.
The deadline for submission is 31 July 2005.
Notification of acceptance will be sent out before 31 August 2005. Mode and details of the presentation will be sent together with the notification.



Guangzhou, China

Guangzhou is on the coast of the South China Sea and 182 kilometres away from Hong Kong. It is Chino's largest and most prosperous city in the south, and an important seaport for foreign trade and a famous historical and cultural city over 2,800 years old. It hosts annual spring and autumn exports trade fairs. It has international air routes link it to Bangkok, Manila, Singapore, Sydney and Melbourne. Daily flights, trains, ships and hovercrafts go between the city and Hong Kong.

In Guangzhou, flowers are in blossom all the year round, so Guangzhou is called "the City of Flowers". Visitors enjoy the beautiful sub-tropical scenery. Its spots of interest include Yue-xiu Park, Guang-xiao Temple, the Octagonal Flower pagoda in the Temple of The Six Banyan Trees, the Dagoba at Huai-shen Temple, and the Mount Boi-yun Scenic Area in the city, and Zhooqing Seven Star Crags, Foshan Ancestral Temple and Conghua Hot Spring outside the city.

Dong Fang Hotel
Founded in 1961, Dong Fang Hotel covers an area of 60,000 square metres, including a 10,000 square metres of central garden in a quiet and elegant setting. A 5-star hotel featuring 1,100 guest rooms in Chinese and Western styles. Opposite to the China Trade Fair, Dong Fang Hotel is located in the heart of Guangzhou. It is just 30 minutes drive from the railway station, 45 minutes drive from the airport and 40 minutes drive from the ferry pier. It is conveniently located within easy walking distance of many major hotels, restaurants and shops.


Hotel Accommodation

For the convenience of participants, the organizers have pre-booked hotel rooms at the following hotels which are located in close proximity to the Congress venue. The hotels have offered special conference rates which are only available for reservation made through the Secretariat.
Reservation of accommodation must be made on the hotel reservation form provided. Reservations will not be confirmed unless they are accompanied by a one night deposit. Payment of one night deposit should be made by bank draft in US Dollars payable to "Guangzhou Economy & Technology Industrial Development Co.". For credit card payment, only VISA or MasterCard will be accepted.
Reservation must be made before 15 October 2005, or the availability of rooms cannot be guaranteed.
Cancellation and Reimbursement
All cancellations or changes must be made in writing. Cancellations of hotel reservation made after 31 October 2005 will result in the initial deposit being forfeited. If notice of cancellation is received before 31 October 2005, 50% of the one night deposit will be charged as handling fee.
Room Rate per
night per room
Dong Fang Hotel
120 Liu Hua Road
Guangzhou 510016
US$60/RMB500A 5-star hotel featuring 1,100 guestrooms in Chinese and Western styles. Hotel facilities include wireless broadband, business centre, open-air swimming pool, gymnasium, wide variety of restaurants and full in-room amenities. This is the official hotel where the Congress will be taking place.
China Hotel
Liu Hua Road
Guangzhou 510015
US$90/RMB730A 5-star hotel managed by Marriot Hotel group. It is just next to the Dong Fang Hotel. It has 1,013 newly renovated rooms with internet access. Business centre and function room facilities are also available. It offers 12 Chinese and Western outlets which provide the most international cuisine offered in Guangzhou./td>
Hua Tai Hotel
23 South Xian Lie Road
Guangzhou 510060
US$35/RMB280A 3-star hotel having 1,000 guest rooms of different classes. It is equipped with full facilities and services which includes a full support business center, variety of excellent restaurant choices, and comfortable and well-equipped rooms and suites.

The room rates include service charge and government tax.


Sightseeing Tour

Guangzhou City Tour (09:00-16:00)
Guangzhou city is a mixture of modernization and tradition. This tour visits the newly-built Olympic Sports Center, Waterfall Square on the central axis of the new city, North Gate Square of Sun Yat-sen University (one of the most prestigious universities in South China), the historic Yue-xiu Mountain Scenic District, Bai-yun Mountain and Chen Clan Temple, which is the treasure of the folk architectural decoration arts of southern China. US$15/RMB120 per person.
Zhaoqing Tour (2 days/1 night)
Zhaoqing is the oasis on The Tropic of Cancer. This tour visits Dinghu Mountain, one of 4 major famous mountains of Guangdong Province, and Seven Star Crags. The limestone crags are naturally arranged in the same formation as the 7 stars of the Big Dipper constellation. There are lots of caves in this 8 square metres, and some contain underground rivers that are large enough to navigate by boat. These two famous national parks have distinctive natural beauty. US$70/RMB550 per person.
Hainan - Sanya Tour (4 days/3 nights)
Hainan Island is evergreen all the year round without obvious differences among seasons. Ultraviolet radiation is very strong, and the temperature of Haikou is similar to that of Guangzhou, even a bit hotter. It is hot throughout the year in Sanya. Besides, it will shove the typhoon and rain heavily from June to September, with on average temperature of 23.8°C. US$305/RMB2,500 per person.
Guilin - Yangshuo Tour (4 days/3 nights)
Guilin has been known as the finest mountains and waters under heaven. Its unique karst topography and beautiful Lijiang River makes it becoming the well-known tourist site. Singular mountains, clear rivers, beautiful stones and special caves are the vivid generalizations for it. US$305/RMB2,500 per person.
Method of Payment
Payment of full sightseeing tour fees should be mode by bank draft in US Dollars payable to "Guangzhou Economy & Technology Industrial Development Co.". For credit card payment, only VISA or MasterCard will be accepted. Reservation will not be confirmed unless the reservation is accompanied by full tour fee.
Cancellation Policy
All cancellations or changes must be made in writing. In case of written cancellation received on or before 31 October 2005, 50% of the tour fee will be refunded. The full tour fee will be forfeited for no show or cancellation after 31 October 2005.


Information on Guangzhou


Guangzhou is located at the mouth of the Pearl River, southern part of China. Having a history of 2,800 years, Guangzhou is regarded as the earliest among the international trade port cities in the world. With a land area of 7,434 square km, the estimated population is only 6.66 million. The official language is Chinese. Putonghua is the most widely spoken Chinese dialect, though Cantonese dialect is also spoken.

Guangzhou is the capital of Guangdong province since Ming dynasty. It is an international port of transportation and trade, and the dominate port of entry for tourists. It has the title of "South Gate of China", used to be called as "YangCheng" and "Suicheng".

To say that Guangzhou is a bustling metropolis does not fully convey the intense drive and activity of this overwhelmingly commercial city that gets on with its business and leaves tourists to enjoy theirs.

Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport, formerly known as Canton Airport, is one of the major gateways to China. It is the largest airport located in the southern part of the city. The airport is currently the second busiest in China based on passenger flow, and the third largest based on cargo movement. It will take about 45 minutes to travel from the Baiyun International Airport to the Dong Fang Hotel. The taxi fare is about US$9.6/RMB80 plus US$1.8/RMBl5 road tax.
Climate and Clothing
Guangzhou has a subtropical climate. Daytime temperatures in November vary between 16°C and 20°C. Evening temperatures vary between 12°C and 18°C. A jacket or sweater is required in the evening.
The Renminbi(RMB) is the unit of Chinese official currency. The official exchange rate if the RMB to the US Dollar is around 8.3. The RMB is available in $10, $20, $50 and $100 denominations. Coinage is in 10, 20, 50 cents and $l. US dollar currencies and travellers' cheques can be changed at banks and hotels. There are restrictions on the type or amount of money that can be brought into or taken out of China.
The electricity is supplied at alternating current and the voltage is 200 volt. Two-point electrical plug is commonly used. Most hotels provide adapters.
Public Transportation
Public transport is inexpensive, efficient and frequent. Guangzhou train station is located on Ren Win Lu, and the enormous new Guangzhou East train station is located 5 kilometres to the east in Tian He. Taxis and buses are available. Boats and ferries also arrive at different wharves in Guangzhou.
Visa and Other Requirements
Visas will be required for some countries for entering Mainland China. China visas can be obtained from the Consulate Department of the Commission of People's Republic of China in your own country.

***1: Update note (January 2007). The website for this Congress was www.apsr2005.com. After the Congress ended, registration of that domain name was relinquished and is currently used by a commercial enterprise that has no connection with the Congress Secretariat at CMPMedica Asia, the Asian-Pacific Society of Respirology, the American College of Chest Physicians, or any other part of the 10th Congress of the APSR.
***2: Update note (January 2007). Abstracts from the Congress have been published in a special Supplement of Respirology and can be seen online.