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Florence, 2000

This congress was held in Florence, Italy, on 30 August - 3 September 2000.

Congress websites remain online for a limited period after the event. Therefore for posterity, the following links are reproduced from the congress brochure.

Given the size and complexity of such events, it is inevitable that there were last minute changes. Consequently there is no guarantee that all the sessions detailed actually took place in the form advertised.

Information that is unlikely to be of further interest, such as hotel booking, transportation arrangements to the venue, etc., has been omitted.

The APSR held this Congress in conjunction with the 10th Annual Congress of the European Respiratory Society, the American Thoracic Society, and the International Union Against Tuberculosis and Lung Disease. These four Societies jointly organised The Year 2000 World Congress on Lung Health, hosted by the European Respiratory Society. The following appeared in the brochure.

Scientific Programme

  • 50+ Major Symposia
  • 20+ Assembly Symposia
  • Poster sessions and Oral presentations
  • Postgraduate courses and "Meet the Professor" seminars

Major Symposia will include two main tracks

  • Global respiratory problems
  • Review of the decade

Global respiratory problems

  • Childhood asthma
  • Adult asthma
  • COPD
  • Tobacco
  • Lung cancer
  • Childhood respiratory infections
  • Adult community acquired pneumonia
  • Tuberculosis
  • HIV infection
  • Air pollution
  • Parasitic lung disease

A Review of the decade

  • Advances in respiratory intensive care
  • Clinical applications of cell biology
  • Advances in clinical respiratory function testing
  • A decade of sleep medicine
  • Asthma: Advances in understanding and management
  • Progress in paediatric respiratory disorders
  • Tuberculosis
  • Pneumonia
  • Cystic fibrosis
  • HIV infection
  • Treatment of lung
  • Cancer
  • Lung transplantation
  • Advances in imaging
  • Interstitial lung disease
  • Smoking: Advances in prevention and treatment
  • Role of non-medical professionals

Major Symposia

25 further symposia concerning recent advances in investigation and management of Asthma, COPD, Pneumonia, Tuberculosis, Lung cancer, Pulmonary vascular disease, Sleep apnoea, HIV infection, plus Grand Rounds and Hot Topics

Free communications

75 Oral sessions, 40 Poster discussions, 90 Thematic Poster Sessions,


Electronic submission: www.ersnet.org

Deadline: 2 February 2000. Please read carefully the instructions regarding the two rounds of application.

☐ I send my abstract for the Preliminary Call (deadline 26 October 1999).

GROUP ALLOCATION, OBLIGATORY: I submit my abstract to the following group    (please see list of topics/groups in the instructions).

Family name:   
Initial(s) of first names only:   
Date of birth:   
City:    Area Code:    Country:   

Young Investigator's Award (judged on Poster Presentation Only)

☐ I wish to apply for the Young Investigator's Award (I am aged 35 years or under) and enclose confirmation of my date of birth. Please note that proof of date of birth is required for each abstract to the Award.

Francois Brenot Award

☐ I wish to apply for the Francois Brenot Award. I am aged under 35 years and enclose a confirmation of my date of birth. Please note that this award concerns pulmonary circulation ONLY and is aimed at young pulmonary vascular scientists.

ERS Clinical Allergy and Immunology Assembly Award

☐ I wish to apply for this award (I am aged under 40 at the time of submitting my abstract) and enclose confirmation of my date of birth. Please note that this concern groups 5.1, 5.2 and 5.3 ONLY.

Abstract Instructions: Two possible deadlines for submission.

In order to facilitate the attendance of participants from financially disadvantaged countries, the Programme Committee has decided to have two rounds of abstract calls.

The Preliminary call (deadline 26 October 1999) is intended mainly for participants who need to have an abstract accepted in order to receive financial support from their local institutions. The Final deadline for all abstracts is 2 February 2000. The decision on the presentation format is made by the Scientific Programme Committee after the final deadline.

Preliminary call: Mail original unfolded version of your abstract form together with 7 photocopies to be received before 26 October 1999 by: Marathon International, c/o ERS Abstracts, Westerdijk IR, 1621 LC HOORN, The Netherlands.

Final deadline for receipt of all abstracts: 2 February 2000. Check on www.ersnet.org for electronic abstract submission and in the Preliminary Programme for latest instructions.

Please note:
  1. Paper abstracts must be submitted on this Official Paper Submission form.
  2. Abstracts must contain data.
  3. Trade names should not be mentioned in the title. However, trade names in brackets will be accepted in the body of the text.
  4. References (maximum 2) can be included in the body of the text (e.g. Jones, R.A. et al. Science 1986, 67:24-30)
  5. Abbreviations should be defined.
  6. Avoid sweeping or potentially unwarranted final sentence.
  7. Faxes are not accepted.
  8. The choice of spoken communications is made by the Programme Committee.
  9. Copyright, if this abstract is accepted, will be held by European Respiratory Society Journals Ltd.
Typing instructions:
  1. Use an electronic typewriter or word processor (use 12 point font, Times New Roman) and type within the blue square. All text must be typed. Do NOT draw symbols.
  2. Type within the large blue square your entire abstract including TITLE in capital letters, name(s) or author(s), institution and address, free of smudges and errors. Please practice first in a square drawn on scrap paper. Abstracts which do not conform will not be accepted.
  3. Linguistic accuracy is the responsibility of the author.
  4. Underline the name of the expected speaker.
  5. Abstracts must not contain more than 200 words excluding title and authors.

The authors must check one option only for preferred topic/group of the abstract. The Scientific Programme Committee reserves the right to change the designation in order to achieve a well-balanced scientific programme.

1.1 Clinical problems
1.2 Rehabilitation and chronic care
1.3 Imaging
1.4 Endoscopy and biopsy techniques
1.5 Thoracic oncology
1.6 Bronchoalveolar lavage

Respiratory intensive care
2.1 Acute respiratory failure, diagnosis and treatment
2.2 Respiratory monitoring and measurements
2.3 Non invasive ventilatory support
2.4 Pulmonary infections and sepsis in ICU

Cell and molecular biology
3.1 Cell structure and function
3.2 Airway epithhelial cells and secretions
3.3 Mechanisms of lung injury

Clinical physiology and integrative physiology
4.1 Pulmonary circulation, gas exchange and exercise
4.2 Sleep and control of breathing
4.3 Respiratory structure and function

Clinical allergy and immunology
5.1 Airway pharmacology and treatment
5.2 Airway regulation and provocation
5.3 Allergy and immunology

Occupation and epidemiology
6.1 Epidemiology
6.2 0ccupational and environmental health
6.3 Tobacco, smoking control and health education

7.1 Paediatric respiratory physiology
7.2 Paediatric asthma and allergy
7.3 Cystic fibrosis
7.4 Paediatric respiratory infection & immunology
7.5 Neonatology and paediatric intensive care
7.6 Paediatric respiratory epidemiology
7.7 Paediatric bronchology

Thoracic surgery
8.1 Thoracic surgery
8.2 Transplantation

Respiratory technology and health care
9.1 Respiratory measurements and technology
9.2 Physiotherapy
9.3 Respiratory nursing

Respiratory infections section
10.1 Respiratory infections
10.2 Tuberculosis

Programme Committee

John Gibson, Chairman (ERS)
Mare Decramer, Co-chairman (ERS)
Norbert Berend (APSR)
Vito Brusasco (ERS)
Kai Hakon Carlsen (ERS)
Antonio Catanzaro (AJS)
Kian Fen Chung (ERS)
Jean-Francois Cordier (ERS)
Elif Dagli (IUATLD)
Teresita de Guia (APSR)
Donald Enarson (IUATLD)
Paula Fujiwara (IUATLD)
Yoshinosuke Fukuchi (APSR)
Philippe Godard (ERS)
Lee Newman (ATS)
Dario Olivieri (ERS)
Susan K. Pingleton (ATS)
Dirkje S. Postma (ERS)
Pierre-Arhur Rocmans (ERS)
Wan Cheng Tan (APSR)
Antonio Torres (ERS)
Cees P. Van der Schans (ERS)
Giovanni Viegi (ERS)
Sally Wenzel (ATS)
Mark A. Woodhead (ERS)
Mare Zelter (ERS)

Congress Committee

Dario Olivieri, Chairman (ERS)
Dirkje S. Postma, Co-chairman (ERS)
Nils Billo (IUATLD)
Kjell Bjartveit (IUATLD)
Carl Booberg (ATS)
Mare Decramer (ERS)
Claudio Donner (ERS)
Jean-Claude Chevrolet (ERS)
John Gibson (ERS)
Jeffrey Glassroth (ATS)
Nicolas Gonzalez Mangado (ERS)
Nikolaus Konietzko (ERS)
Nicolaus Lorenz (ERS)
William B. Martin (ATS)
Tom Schaberg (ERS)
Ann Janet Woolcock (APSR)

Local Organising Committee

Dario Olivieri - Parma, Chairman
Vito Brusasco - Genova
Claudio Domer - Veruno
Massimo Pistolesi - Firenze
Claudio Sanguineth - Ancona

PIease add my name to the mailing list

☐ I intend to register for the congress
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☐ I intend to submit an abstract on paper
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