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Happy birthday

Happy birthday!

We are pleased to announce that Respirology is now 20 years old. It has "Come of age" and in every sense, has now reached maturity!

From the first issue of 2015, Respirology takes on a fresh look, with not only a new cover, but packed with new articles of important research and interest.

Look out for the new issue online very soon. It's a great way to start the New Year!

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Respirology Case Reports is now available on PubMed and PubMed Central (PMC):

The case reports currently published as Early View will be deposited in PMC and available in PubMed upon publication in an issue.

Thank you for supporting this journal in its early stage of publication and we look forward to receiving manuscripts from you in the future.

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The 22nd Congress of the APSR will be in Sydney, Australia, in the warm summer month of November 2017.

Details to follow.

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Now showing an introduction to the Respirology Review Series on
lung function testing:

The APSR is funding a fellowship programme for young investigators with the aims of:

  • Promoting science and research in respiratory medicine
  • Supporting the exchange of young scientists and clinicians actively involved in respiratory medicine;

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