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Peter Sly Young Investigator Award

This annual Award is offered for the best paediatric paper accepted for presentation at the APSR Congress in Taipei 29 November – 2 December 2018.

Dr Sly is a world leader and mentor in paediatric lung research and an APSR champion, being the Director at the Children's Health and Environment Programme and Director at the WHO Collaborating Centre for Children's Health and Environment. Dr Sly is the chairman of the board of directors for the Pacific Basin Consortium for the Environment and Health and currently serves on international advisory boards and committees, including: WHO Public Health and Environment; WHO network of Collaborating Centres in Children's Environmental Health; Canadian Healthy Infant Longitudinal Development (CHILD) Study, Canada; and the Infant Lung Health Study, Paarl, South Africa.

This award is generously provided by Dr Sly for the advancement of paediatric respirology by an APSR Young Investigator from an Asia-Pacific LMIC, who is presenting original work at the APSR Congress. It serves to spur on the next generation of paediatric researchers to reach the achievements of Dr Sly through hard work, scholarship, vital peer support and mentorship.

Award includes:

  • $500 (jointly funded by Dr Sly and the APSR)
  • Invitation to the Gala Dinner (or similar social event) at the Congress
  • Commemorative certificate

Where the paper has more than one author, the $500 and invitation to the social event will be for one of the authors, selected by the paper's senior author. The certificate will be in the name of all the paper's authors.


Awardees must be:
  • an APSR member (en bloc or individual)
  • aged ≤40 at the start of the Congress
  • normally resident in the Asia-Pacific, in a country or region regarded by the WHO as a LMIC (low-to-middle income country)
  • the First Author of a paediatric paper accepted for presentation at the APSR Congress in Taipei and able to attend the Congress in person.


  • The paper is selected by the Local Congress Committee, supported by the APSR Paediatric Lung Disease Assembly, which ranks the papers for their novelty, importance, methodology, clarity and overall quality. A consensus on the best paediatric paper is then obtained through a rigorous judging system.

Award presentation:

Post-congress requirements:

  • In accepting the offer of the award, the author attending the Congress is required to send their report (circa 500 words) of their experience at the Congress to the APSR Secretariat within one month after the Congress. The report may be published in the APSR Bulletin and/or Newsletter.