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Post-training report

S M Abdullah Al Mamun

Training Fellow,
National University Hospital Singapore
Research/training:Clinical Observer
6 January – 6 March 2009
Host institute:Respiratory & Critical Care Medicine Department, National University Hospital, Singapore
Host supervisor:Dr Gerald Chua and Prof. T K Lim

Arrived in Singapore on 5 January 2009 by Singapore airlines.

Reported to the National University Hospital training supervisor, Dr Gerald Chua, on 6 January and Jenny Tao in the Medical Affairs Department on the same date.

After reporting, went straight to the Singapore Ministry of Manpower to receive a training visit pass for two months. After that, went to the Singapore Medical Council for temporary registration and then to the Singapore Medical Association for malpraxis insurance. The total cost for these came to about S$600.

On 7 January the training started.

The first placement was in Medical ICU for one month.

Each day, I had to enter the MICU by 7:30am and continue to 5:30-6:00pm. Everyday at 7:30am we met in the MICU conference room for clinical discussion about the admitted patients, followed by the consultant's round. The exception was Thursday, when we attended the professor's Grand round. In each day from 1:00pm to 2:00pm I attended the lunchtime meeting: Monday- Tumor board, Tuesday- Lung function seminar, Wednesday- Breathing club, Thursday- Grand round (Medicine Department), Friday- mortality meeting.

During Training in MICU, I went through procedures such as intubations and central venous line setup. I observed the management of patient, such as severe pneumonia, ARDS, severe sepsis, severe acute asthma with mechanical ventilation, and AE of COPD with NIV.

In the second month I was placed in the General Respiratory Ward and the sleep medicine Lab.

Throughout the training period I also observed procedures such as FOB, EBUS, Thorcoscopy and lung function test.

I attended five workshops on various respiratory procedures, managed by my supervisor Dr Gerald and Professor T K Lim.

Dr S M Abdullah Al Mamun
Training Fellow
National University Hospital Singapore

Dr Mamun expressed his thanks to Prof. Norbert Berend and Mrs. Hideko Sato Cochrane of the APSR, his home supervisors A/Prof. M D Mohiuddin Ahmad and consultant Dr Hasibur Rahman, and his host supervisors Dr Gerald Seng Chua and Prof. T K Lim.

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The hosts, the National University Hospital, reported that Dr Mamun had been attached to the:

  1. Medical Intensive Care Unit
  2. Medical High Dependency Unit
  3. Sleep Disordered Breathing Unit
  4. Sleep Lab
  5. Endoscopy suite

They acquainted him to the following procedures:

  1. Rapid sequence intubation
  2. Invasive mechanical ventilation
  3. Non-invasive ventilation
  4. Invasive and non-invasive hemodynamic monitoring
  5. Pulmonary artery catheter insertion
  6. Percustaneous tracheotomy insertion
  7. Central venous line insertion - landmark & ultrasound guided techniques
  8. Renal replacement therapy in the ICU
  9. Small bore pleural catheter insertion
  10. Semi-rigid pleuroscopy
  11. Endobronchial ultrasound-guided transbronchial needle aspiration of lymph nodes
  12. Overnight polysomnography
  13. Bedside ultrasound of the heart, central veins and pleural cavity

He attended workshops on:

  1. Primer on Intensive Care Medicine, NHG College (half day)
  2. Basics of Respiratory Medicine, NHG College (half day)
  3. Central Line Insertion Workshop, National University Heart Centre (half day)
  4. Crisis Resource Management, 10th SEMS AGM (full day)

The hosts reported that

Dr Mamun had displayed a keen interest in his work. His professionalism and work attitude were excellent.

He provided helpful insights to the ward rounds he joined. He contributed to the division's educational programme by delivering a lecture to respiratory medicine trainees.

We are confident that he will put to good use the new knowledge and clinical experiences he gained.