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Register of Donors

The following members have kindly sent a financial donation towards the development of activities in promoting healthcare training, research, education, and advocacy in the Asia-Pacific region.

The APSR strives to enhance education through ESAPs (Educational Seminars of the APSR), in addition to APSR Short-Term Research/Training Scholarships and travel awards for young researchers to broaden their experience in another country.

To make this happen, members are invited to make an annual donation of US$40 (or more) for the APSR to invest funds into such educational projects to enable young researchers to raise their skill level more rapidly than before.

The purpose of the donation is twofold: First, to increase these educational opportunities to young researchers and enrich seminar content, making them more beneficial. Second, each donation of US$40 or more will count towards the Society's goal to be exempt from paying tax. This in turn will increase the amount available for activities in promoting healthcare training, research, education and advocacy in the Asia-Pacific region. To reach this goal, we need annual donations from at least 100 APSR members each year.

The following members have shown their eagerness to see these goals met.

  • Dr Rizky Andriani, FAPSR (Indonesia)
  • Dr Chunxue Bai FAPSR (China)
  • Dr Norbert Berend FAPSR (Australia)
  • Dr Rodolfo Roman T Bigornia FAPSR, (Philippines)
  • Dr John Noel Chan, (Philippines)
  • Dr Trilok Chand, FAPSR (India)
  • Dr Anne Chang, FAPSR (Australia)
  • Dr Ngo Quy Chau, (Vietnam)
  • Dr Teresita S de Guia, FAPSR (Philippines)
  • Dr Peter Eastwood FAPSR (Australia)
  • Dr Masahito Ebina, (Japan)
  • Dr Philip Eng FAPSR (Singapore)
  • Dr Muhammad Fachri, FAPSR (Indonesia)
  • Dr Kwun Fong FAPSR (Australia)
  • Dr Yoshinosuke Fukuchi FAPSR (Japan)
  • Dr Hari Kishan Gonuguntla (India)
  • Dr Masayuki Hanaoka, (Japan)
  • Dr Che Wan Aminuddin Hashim, FAPSR (Malaysia)
  • Dr Deddy Herman (Indonesia)
  • Dr Alejandro Casas Herrera, FAPSR (Colombia)
  • Dr Tsunahiko Hirano (Japan)
  • Dr Lai Ngoh Hooi, FAPSR (Malaysia)
  • Dr Mary Sau-Man Ip, FAPSR (Hong Kong)
  • Dr Ronald David Jalleh, FAPSR (Malaysia)
  • Dr Sharad Joshi, FAPSR (India)
  • Dr Ki-Suck Jung (Korea)
  • Dr Taisuke Kazuyori FAPSR (Japan)
  • Dr Hiroshi Kimura FAPSR (Japan)
  • Dr Shoji Kudoh FAPSR (Japan)
  • Dr Hajime Kurosawa, (Japan)
  • Dr David Chi-Leung Lam, FAPSR (Hong Kong)
  • Dr Albert Martin Li
  • Dr Yu Li, FAPSR (China)
  • Dr Peng Luo, (P.R.China)
  • Dr Dushantha Madegedara, (Sri Lanka)
  • Dr Harish Mahender, FAPSR (India)
  • Dr Kittipong Maneechotesuwan (Thailand)
  • Dr Hadiarto Mangunnegoru (Indonesia)
  • Dr Kazuto Matsunaga (Japan)
  • Dr Michiaki Mishima (Japan)
  • Dr Yun Wing Thomas Mok (Hong Kong)
  • Dr Abdul Razak Muttallif, FAPSR (Malaysia)
  • Dr Takahide Nagase, (Japan)
  • Dr Yoichi Nakanishi FAPSR (Japan)
  • Dr Yasutaka Nakano FAPSR (Japan)
  • Dr Arth Nana, FAPSR (Thailand)
  • Dr Calvin S H Ng, FAPSR (Hong Kong, China)
  • Dr Phan Tien Nguyen (Australia)
  • Dr Masaharu Nishimura, FAPSR (Japan)
  • Dr Toshihiro Nukiwa, FAPSR (Japan)
  • Dr Fariz Nurwidya, FAPSR (Indonesia)
  • Dr Tsuyoshi Oguma, (Japan)
  • Dr Yoshitaka Oku, (Japan)
  • Dr Yong-kek Pang, (Malaysia)
  • The PCCP, (Philippines )
  • Dr Diahn-Warng Perng, (Taiwan)
  • Dr José M Porcel, FAPSR (Spain)
  • Dr Irandi Pratomo, FAPSR (Indonesia)
  • Dr Paul Nigel Reynolds, FAPSR (Australia)
  • Dr Chin Kook Rhee (Korea)
  • Dr Hironori Sagara (Japan)
  • Dr YoungSoo Shim, FAPSR (Korea)
  • Dr Sukhwinder Singh Sohal, FAPSR (Australia)
  • Dr Yuanlin Song (China)
  • Dr Emily Stone, (Australia)
  • Dr Sivaraja Subramaniam, FAPSR (India)
  • Dr Nobuhiro Tanabe, FAPSR (Japan)
  • Dr Philip John Thompson, FAPSR (Australia)
  • Dr Tomoyasu Uno, FAPSR (Japan)
  • Dr Vannan-Kandi Vijayan, FAPSR (India)
  • Dr Kenneth Tsang Wah Tak, (Hong Kong)
  • Dr Mo Lin Wong, (Hong Kong)
  • Dr Yasuhiro Yamauchi (Japan)
  • Dr Sylvia Yang, FAPSR (Philippines)
  • Dr Donald Yu Chiu Yu, FAPSR (Hong Kong)
  • Dr Heather Zar, FAPSR (South Africa)
  • Dr Jing Zhang, FAPSR (China)

Dr Norbert Berend

Dr Rodolfo R T Bigornia

Dr Trilok Chand

Dr Anne Chang

Dr Teresita de Guia

Dr Peter Eastwood

Dr Philip Eng

Dr Muhammad Fachri

Dr Kwun Fong

Dr Yoshinosuke Fukuchi

Dr Hari K Gonuguntla

Dr Che Wan A Hashim

Dr A Casas Herrera

Dr Lai Ngoh Hooi

Dr Mary Sau-Man Ip

Dr Ronald David Jalleh

Dr Ki-Suck Jung

Dr Hiroshi Kimura

Dr Shoji Kudoh

Dr David CL Lam

Dr Yu Li

Dr Michiaki Mishima

Dr Y W Thomas Mok

Dr Abdul Razak Muttallif

Dr Yoichi Nakanishi

Dr Yasutaka Nakano

Dr Arth Nana

Dr Calvin S H Ng

Dr Masaharu Nishimura

Dr Toshihiro Nukiwa

Dr Fariz Nurwidya

Dr José M Porcel

Dr Chin Kook Rhee

Dr YoungSoo Shim

Dr S Subramaniam

Dr Sukhwinder S Sohal

Dr Yuanlin Song

Dr Nobuhiro Tanabe

Dr P J Thompson

Dr Yasuhiro Yamauchi

Dr Sylvia Yang

Dr Heather Zar

Dr Jing Zhang

If you would also like to contribute towards the development of activities in promoting healthcare training, research, education, and advocacy in the Asia-Pacific region, please click here. Any size of donation is welcome. Each donation of more than US$40 counts towards the Society's goal to attain organizational tax exemption status.

As a token of appreciation you are invited to send your portrait photo to be added with your name to the above list, and also receive acknowledgement in the next Bulletin.

The honour list of donors appears above. If you have made a donation but your photo is not displayed, please email your photo to APSRinfo@theapsr.org, or tell us the URL of a webpage from where we can copy your photo (institution webpage, Facebook page, etc.). Any common format (JPEG, GIF, TIFF, PNG, etc.) and any size is suitable. You are welcome to send updates at any time.