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Frequently asked questions

Question:Why do I need to log in?
Answer:Most of the APSR website is open to the public, but some special pages are reserved for only APSR members.
Question:How do I log in?
Answer:You can log in here by using the user-id (i.e. your email address) and password that you have registered.
Question:How long will I be logged in?
Answer:You will remain logged in until you close down your browser, or until you log out.
Question:Do I need to log out?
Answer:Not necessarily. If you remain logged in, it will not use any resources or affect anything else you are doing on your PC.

You will be automatically logged out when you close your browser.

It is advisable to log out if another person is likely to use your computer before you close your browser.
Question:What is my user-id and password?
Answer:Your user-id and password are those you have registered. If you have not registered yet, click the link at the top of the latest APSR Bulletin. If you have further questions about registration, click Registration Help.
Question:Can I change my user-id and other details?
Answer:Yes. Click here.
Question:Can I change my password?
Answer:Yes. Click here
Question:I've forgotten my password. Can you tell me what it is?
Answer:No. Passwords are encrypted so we cannot see what your password is.

There is no way to recover a lost password, but you can reset it here
Question:I've forgotten which email address I used for my user-id. Can you tell me what it is?
Answer:Probably. Email the APSR Secretariat APSRinfo@theapsr.org with your full name, membership number, country/region, society (if you have membership through an APSR en-bloc society), and the approximate last date/time you logged in.
Question:I prefer a simple password, such as "1234" that I can easily remember. Why does the APSR password have to be so complicated?
Answer:Some pages of the website show confidential information, such as the private email addresses of assembly heads. Other pages contain lecture notes that members are able to see free of charge, and hopefully more privileged content will be available in the future.
Question:I have another question. Who should I contact?
Answer:Please write to the APSR Secretariat at APSRinfo@theapsr.org