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How to write for research papers and grants

Improve your prospects of having your paper published in one of the top respiratory journals

At the 16th Congress of the APSR postgraduate workshops were held and are summarized in a review article in Respirology Volume 17 Issue 5, July 2012.

The article describes tips and strategies for writing research papers and research grant applications.


Eastwood P R, Naughton M T Calverley P, Zeng G, Beasley R, Robinson B and Lee, YC G (2012), How to write research papers and grants: 2011 Asian Pacific Society for Respirology Annual Scientific Meeting Postgraduate Session. Respirology, 17: 792–801. doi:10.1111/j.1440-1843.2012.02175.x © Asian Pacific Society of Respirology, Wiley

Correspondence: Peter R Eastwood, Department of Pulmonary Physiology and Sleep Medicine, Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital, Hospital Avenue, Nedlands, WA 6009, Australia. Peter.Eastwood@health.wa.gov.au