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Ho Chi Minh City
9 December 2017

Pediatric Asthma

Ho Chi Minh

Venue: University of Medicine and Pharmacy, 217 Hong Bang Street, District 5, Ho Chi Minh City

Report from the Pediatric Asthma workshop
University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Ho Chi Minh City

This Educational Seminar of the APSR (ESAP) of Pediatric Asthma was successfully hosted by the Vietnam Respirology Society and Society of Asthma, Allergy and Clinical Immunology HCMC with the endorsement of the APSR.

The workshp was attended by 58 doctors and 12 students of 30 medical units from all across Vietnam. The programme included:

  • Early allergen exposure and Asthma
    Prof Pham Thi Minh Hong (Vietnam)
  • Infection and Asthma in children
    Dr Tran Anh Tuan (Vietnam)
  • Differential diagnosis of asthma: Childhood wheezing: is that asthma?
    Prof Phan Huu Nguyen Diem (Vietnam)
  • Personalized treatment of asthma in children- science or fiction
    Prof Gary Wing-kin Wong (Hong Kong)
  • Pulmonary Function testing in children
    Prof Le Thi Tuyet Lan (Vietnam)
  • The complexity of the asthma syndrome in children
    Prof Gary Wing-kin Wong (Hong Kong)

The majority opinion from the feedback of all sessions was "Extremely useful" and overall "Very good".

Prof Gary Wing-kin Wong and Prof Le Thi Tuyet Lan
(Click photo to enlarge)

The initial invitation for this workshop follows:

This workshop is designed for pediatricians, pulmonogists and other physicians who are involved in the care of asthmatic children.

After this workshop, participants should:

  • understand asthma as a complex syndrome,
  • understand the prevention of asthma in children,
  • understand the relationship between allergy exposure and asthma,
  • interpret pediatric pulmonary function testing,
  • apply the understanding to aid diagnosis of asthma.


08:00–08:25RegistrationProf Le Thi Tuyet Lan
08:25OpeningProf Le Thi Tuyet Lan
08:30The complexity of the asthma syndrome in childrenProf Gary Wong
09:30Pulmonary Function testing in childrenProf Le Thi Tuyet Lan
10:30Personalized treatment of asthma in children – science or fictionProf Gary Wong
13:30Early allergen exposure and asthmaProf Pham Thi Minh Hong
14:15Intermittent use of ICS for preschool children with intermittent asthma: should or should not?Dr Tran Anh Tuan
15:15Differential diagnosis of asthma / Childhood wheezing: is that asthma?Prof Phan Huu Nguyen Diem