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7 November 2013

Pleural Disease Workshop; Advances for Clinicians

Seven speakers delivered 12 lectures on pleural diseases, covering the physiology, pathology, radiology, diagnosis and treatment of various pleural diseases.

Dr Y C Gary Lee, the representative of the APSR and also one of the workshop organizers, recruited four speakers from the USA, Australia, New Zealand and Singapore.

Each speaker, including three from China, presented state-of-the-art progress in each field and their excellent lectures were highly appreciated by the 53 attendees.

The workshop organizer, Dr Chunxue Bai, expressed appreciation to all the speakers for their support to the programme.

Huanzhong ShiEssential Pleural Anatomy for Clinicians
Shaohua LuEssential Pleural Pathology for Clinicians
James EntwisleEssential Pleural Radiology for Clinicians
David Feller-KopmanPleural Investigations:
Diagnosing Algorithms for Clinicians
James EntwislePleural Ultrasound by Pulmonologists:
Why and How to Get Started
Pyng LeePleuroscopy:
Why and How to Get Started
Y C Gary LeeIndwelling Pleural Catheters:
Why and How to Get Started
Shiyue LiPneumothorax
Pyng LeeMalignant Pleural Effusions
Huanzhong ShiTB Pleural Effusion and Empyema
Y C Gary LeePleural Infection
David Feller-KopmanUncommon Pleural Effusions
that Pulmonologists need to know

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