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COEX, World Trade Centre Samseong-dong
Gangnam-gu, Seoul 135-731, Korea
14 November 2009

Manuscript preparation and presentation of research in the English language


  • J Patrick Barron (Tokyo Medical University)
  • Y C Gary Lee (University of Western Australia)
  • Cheryl Salome (University of Sydney)
  • Kwun Fong (University of Queensland)
  • Phillip Bardin (Monash Univeristy and Medical Centre)

Session 1: Keynote presentations

  • Professor Y C Gary Lee: Why clinicians should do research, and why they must publish
  • Professor Phillip Bardin: Why journals accept or reject papers
  • Professor J Patrick Barron: Writing a journal article - the 'Uniform Requirements'

Session 2 : Masterclass on manuscript preparation

Basic writing skills, How to write a manuscript, submitting the manuscript and dealing with reviewers comments

  • Y C Gary Lee
  • J Patrick Barron
  • Cheryl Salome
  • Kwun Fong

Presentation slide show

Following this ESAP, some of the the PowerPoint slides and related exercises were assembled into a PDF for you to download (1.26 MB)