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2017 APSR Congress

Scientific Programme

Friday 24 November 2017

  • 07:00–08:15

    Sponsored Breakfast Session 1: Optimising patient outcomes in COPD - management in 2017 and beyond

    Sponsored by Boehringer Ingelheim
    • 07:00–07:05

      Welcome and introduction

      Speaker: Christine Jenkins, AU
    • 07:05–07:30

      Foundation therapy in COPD: Optimising patient outcomes with the emphasis on reducing future risk

      Speaker: David MG Halpin, UK
    • 07:30–07:50

      Add-on therapy in COPD: Defining the role for ICS using an individualised approach

      Speaker: Christine Jenkins, AU
    • 07:50–08:00

      Q and A

  • Sponsored Breakfast Session 2: Exploring the bronchial tree in asthma management - large airways, small airways and clinical outcomes

    Sponsored by Mundipharma Pte Ltd
    Room: Theatrette 2, Exhibition Hall
    • 07:00–07:15

      Asthma control in Australia - doing better, going forward?

      Speaker: Greg King, AU
    • 07:15–07:35

      Does size matter? The importance of small airway disease in treatment of asthma with ICS/LABAs

      Speaker: Omar S Usmani, UK
    • 07:35–07:55

      Asthma exacerbation with ICS/LABA - evidence from RCTs and the real world

      Speaker: Alberto Papi, Italy
    • 07:55–08:10


  • 08:30–10:00

    Critical Care 1: A safer place for patients and clinicians

    Room: C3.4 & C3.5
    • 08:30–09:00

      Identification and management of burnout in critical care physicians

      Speaker: Marc Moss, US
    • 09:00–09:30

      Clinical trial in critical care: A means to improve outcomes

      Speaker: Polly Parsons, US
    • 009:30–10:00

      Using high fidelity simulation to teach crisis resource management in critical care

      Speaker: Gerald Chua, Singapore
  • Lung Cancer 1: Lung cancer diagnosis and treatment

    Room: Darling Harbour Theatre
    • 08:30–09:00

      Heterogeneity in lung cancer and lung cancer practice in Asia Pacific region

      Speaker: Yoichi Nakanishi, Japan
    • 09:00–09:30

      Diagnosis and management of resistance and persistence in molecularly defined NSCLC

      Speaker: Chong-Kin Liam, Malaysia
    • 09:30–10:00

      Pulmonary toxicity with PD-1 inhibitors and other novel cancer treatments

      Speaker: Mina Gaga, Greece
  • Respiratory Structure and Function: What have we learned about the small airways?

    Room: C3.3
    • 08:30–08:50

      >Studying small airways in health and disease

      Speaker: Jane Bourke, AU
    • 08:50–09:10

      Lessons from ex-vivo studies on small airways: Role of intrinsic smooth muscle tone in airway disease

      Speaker: Peter Noble, AU
    • 09:10–09:30

      In vivo/clinical mechanics of small airway narrowing

      Speaker: Cindy Thamrin, AU
    • 09:30–10:00

      Functional imaging of the small airways

      Speaker: Kim Prisk, US
  • Oral Presentations: Asthma 1

    Room: E3.4
    • 08:30–08:40

      Clinical Utility of Feno Analysis in the Diagnosis of Cough-Variant Asthma

      Speaker: Binu Krishnan, India
    • 08:40–08:50

      Comparison of Fractional Exhaled Nitric Oxide Values Measured Using NOA208i and NIOX VERO

      Speaker: Yoshinari Endo, Japan
    • 08:50–09:00

      Comparative Responses in Lung Function Measurements in Adolescents and Adults With Moderate Symptomatic Asthma

      Speaker: David Halpin, UK
    • 09:00–09:10

      Patient-Reported Activity Impairment, Stress, and Tiredness Improvement in Patients with Severe, Uncontrolled Asthma with Eosinophilic Inflammation: Pooled Results from Two Phase III Trials of Benralizumab

      Speaker: Xiao Xu, US
    • 09:10–09:20

      Diurnal Variability in Peak Expiratory Flow with Tiotropium Respimat in Adults with Severe, Moderate and Mild Symptomatic Asthma

      Speaker: Huw Davies, AU
    • 09:20–09:30

      Forced Vital Capacity Response to Tiotropium Respimat in Adult Patients with Severe, Moderate and Mild Symptomatic Asthma

      Speaker: Peter Frith, AU
    • 09:30–09:40

      Fevipiprant Reduces Airway Smooth Muscle Mass in Asthmatics via PGD2 Receptor Antagonism

      Speaker: Marcela Gavornikova, Switzerland
  • Oral Presentations: COPD 1

    Room: E3.10
    • 08:30–08:40

      Comparison of World Health Organization and Asia-Pacific Body Mass Index Classifications in COPD Patient

      Speaker: Chin Kook Rhee, South Korea
    • 08:40–08:50

      Peripheral Atherosclerosis in Non-Smokers with Airflow Limitation

      Speaker: Joo Hun Park, South Korea
    • 08:50–09:00

      Dietary Fibre and Microbial Metabolites Protect Against Cigarette Smoke-Induced Lung Pathology in Mice

      Speaker: Kurtis Budden, AU
    • 09:00–09:10

      Vitamin E Isoform Gamma-Tocotrienol Protects Against Emphysema Development in Cigarette Smoke-Induced Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

      Speaker: Wai Shiu Fred Wong, Singapore
    • 09:10–09:20

      Investigation on the Individual Characteristics of Inflammatory Cytokines on COPD Patients

      Speaker: In Ae Kim, South Korea
    • 09:20–09:30

      Eosinophilia is Less Likely to Occur in COPD Smokers with Emphysema Phenotype

      Speaker: Nguyen Van Tho, Vietnam
    • 09:30–09:40

      Sputum 6 Gene Expression Signature Predicts Inflammatory Phenotype of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

      Speaker: Katie Baines, AU
    • 09:40–09:50

      Restoration of Corticosteroid Sensitivity in Cigarette Smoke-Induced Lung Injury Model by Andrographolide

      Speaker: Wupeng Liao, Singapore
  • Oral Presentations: Tuberculosis 1

    Room: E3.9
    • 08:30–08:40

      Risk Factors for Delayed Diagnosis of Pulmonary Tuberculosis in Intermediate TB Burden Country

      Speaker: Gyung Eui Lee, South Korea
    • 08:40–08:50

      Prevalence and Risk Factors of Drug Resistant Extrapulmonary Tuberculosis

      Speaker: Viboon Boonsarngsuk, Thailand
    • 08:50–09:00

      The Nutritional Status Assessed by Malnutrition Screening Tools in Pulmonary Tuberculosis and its Relation to Bacterial Load

      Speaker: Anggar Jito, Indonesia
    • 09:00–09:10

      To Assess Risk Factors for "Lost to Follow-up" in the Treatment for Tuberculosis - Analysis of Japan TB Surveillance Data

      Speaker: Lisa Kawatsu, Japan
    • 09:10–09:25

      Recurrent Pyopneumothorax in Multi Drug Resistant Tuberculosis Patient: A Case Report

      Speaker: Dian Prastiti Utami, Indonesia
    • 09:25–09:35

      Latent Tuberculosis Infection Increases in Patients Receiving Kidney Transplantation

      Speaker: Chin-Chung Shu, Taiwan
    • 09:35–09:45

      Pulmonary Tuberculosis Associated with Interstitial Lung Disease

      Speaker: Atsushi Nakagawa, Japan
  • 10:00–10:30

    Morning Tea & Exhibition Viewing

    Room: Exhibition Hall
  • 10:30–11:30

    Plenary: Memorial Lecture: Ann Janet Woolcock Research Award

    Room: Darling Harbour Theatre
    • 10:30–10:35


    • 10:35–11:20

      Airway hyperresponsiveness - does it take two to tango?

      Speaker: Alan James, AU
    • 11:20–11:30

      Award presentation

  • 11:30–13:00

    Asthma 1: Post Lancet Commission - Asthma is an outdated concept - a pro/con debate

    Room: Darling Harbour Theatre
    • 11:30–11:35


      Speaker: Alan James and Kang Yun Lee
    • 11:35–11:50


      Speaker: Andrew Bush, UK
    • 11:50–12:05


      Speaker: Fan Chung, UK
    • 12:05–12:20


      Speaker: Peter Gibson, AU
    • 12:20–12:35


      Speaker: Gary Anderson, AU
    • 12:35–12:40

      Pro rebuttal

      Speaker: Andrew Bush, UK
    • 12:40–12:45

      Con rebuttal

      Speaker: Fan Chung, UK
    • 12:45–13:00

      Questions and voting

  • Interstitial Lung Disease 1: Exacerbations and potential therapies of IPF

    Room: C3.4 & C3.5
    • 11:30–12:00

      Novel antifibrotic therapies in IPF and CLAD

      Speaker: Simon Royce, VIC
    • 12:00–12:30

      Basic mechanisms of exacerbations in association with AIP

      Speaker: Masahito Ebina, Japan
    • 12:30–13:00

      Novel therapies for IPF exacerbations

      Speaker: Shinji Abe, Japan
  • Respiratory Neurobiology and Sleep: Hypoxia

    Room: C3.3
    • 11:30–12:00

      Effects of hypoxia on the sensorimotor control of upper airway

      Speaker: Peter Burke, Australia
    • 12:00–12:30

      Effects of hypoxia on the brainstem neural network function

      Speaker: Yoshitaka Oku, Japan
    • 12:30–13:00

      Effects of hypoxia on metabolism and cardiovascular function

      Speaker: Chris O'Donnell, US
  • Oral Presentations: Cellular and Molecular Biology

    Room: E3.4
    • 11:30–11:40

      Mesenchymal Stem Cell-Conditioned Medium Induces Neutrophils Apoptosis via Inhibition of NF-KB Pathway in Endotoxin-Induced Acute Lung Injury

      Speaker: Chi-Shiuan Lin, Taiwan
    • 11:40–11:50

      Bronchiolitis Obliterans Syndrome is Associated with Increased P-Glycoprotein Expression and Loss of Glucocorticoid Receptor from Steroid Resistant Pro-Inflammatory CD8+T Cells

      Speaker: Greg Hodge, AU
    • 11:50–12:00

      Enhanced CD147 Expression after H1N1 Infection; a Potential Mechanism for Airway Epithelium Impairment in Asthma

      Speaker: Fatemeh Moheimani, AU
    • 12:00–12:10

      Dietary Omega-6, but not Omega-3 Polyunsaturated or Saturated Fatty Acids Increase Inflammation in Human Pulmonary Fibroblasts

      Speaker: Sandra Rutting, AU
    • 12:10–12:20

      The Role of PM2.5 played in Cigarette Smoke-Inflamed Pulmonary Epithelium

      Speaker: Tianyu Zhou, China
    • 12:20–12:30

      Investigation of the CD1B Lipid Antigen Presentation Pathway in COPD

      Speaker: Miranda Ween, AU
    • 12:30–12:40

      Rage-Specific Antagonist Alleviates Elastase-Induced Emphysema Development by Preventing Rage-Damp Signaling

      Speaker: Hanbyeol Lee, South Korea
    • 12:40–12:55

      Role of Quiescence Cancer Stem Cells in rhe Gefitinib Resistance in EGFR Mutation-Positive Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer

      Speaker: Moulid Hidayat, Japan
  • Oral Presentations: Clinical Respiratory Medicine 1

    Room: E3.9
    • 11:30–11:50

      Illicit tobacco in Sydney has declined not increased after introduction of mandatory plain tobacco packaging – results from a four year study

      Speaker: Matthew Peters, AU
    • 11:50–12:00

      Health Impact of E-Cigarettes: A Prospective 3.5-year Study of Regular Users Who Have Never Smoked

      Speaker: Riccardo Polosa, Italy
    • 12:00–12:10

      The Stages of Change (SOC) and the Long-Term Outcome of an Outpatient Smoking-Cessation Programme with Medically Ill Smokers

      Speaker: Michelle Shi, Singapore
    • 12:10–12:20

      A Retrospective Study on Amiodarone Pulmonary Toxicity in Chinese Patients in Hong Kong

      Speaker: Wang Chun Kwok, Hong Kong
    • 12:20–12:30

      A Case Series of Hereditary Cystic Lung Disease in a Chinese Family

      Speaker: Cheung Wai Eric Sze, Hong Kong
    • 12:30–12:40

      A Familial Case of Birt-Hogg-Dube Syndrome (BHDS) Complicated with Bladder Cancer and Lung Cancera Case Report and Literature Review

      Speaker: Yuki Goto, Japan
    • 12:40–12:50

      A Rare Presentation of Bronchogenic Cyst with Atrial Fibrilation

      Speaker: Chakrahari Ugandhar Bhattu, India
  • Oral Presentations: Lung Cancer 1

    Room: E3.10
    • 11:30–12:00

      Mechanism of acquired resistance to anti-angiogenic therapy mediated by fibrocytes

      Speaker: Hisatsugu Goto, Japan
    • 12:00–12:10

      GSK-3 Inhibition Suppresses Lung Cancer Cell Survival, Metastasis and Proliferation Through Down-Regulation the Phosphorylation Sites of CAP1

      Speaker: Changhui Wang, China
    • 12:10–12:20

      The Role of Zinc Finger E-Box Binding Homeobox 1 in the Hypoxia-Induced CD133 Upregulation and Self-Renewal Capacity in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer

      Speaker: Fariz Nurwidya, Indonesia
    • 12:20–12:30

      The effect of miR-21 on the proliferation, migration and apoptosis of lung A549 cells

      Speaker: Yonghua Zheng,China
    • 12:30–12:40

      The Expression and Significance of MIR-21A-5P And MIR-21A-3P in BALB/C Mice Pulmonary Precancerous Lesions Induced by Fine Particulate Matter

      Speaker: Tian-Fang Hou, China
    • 12:40–12:50

      Glutathione S-Transferase M1 And T1 Polymorphisms Prevalence in Lung Cancer Patients in Malang, Indonesia

      Speaker: Rezki Tantular, Indonesia
  • Oral Presentations: Respiratory Infections (Non-TB) 1

    Room: E3.8
    • 11:30–11:40

      Aetiology of Community Acquired Pneumonia with Fever and the Presentation and Prognosis of Viral Infection: A Prospective Observational Study

      Speaker: Jin-Fu Xu, China
    • 11:50–12:00

      Risk Stratification for the Development of Chronic Pulmonary Aspergillosis in Patients with Mycobacterium Avium Complex Lung Disease

      Speaker: Koji Furuuchi, Japan
    • 12:00–12:10

      Association between implementation of "bundles of care" and possible ventilator associated pneumonia (PVAP) among mechanically ventilated patients in the intensive care unit: A quasi-experimental study

      Speaker: Patricia Ann Estrella, Philippines
    • 12:10–12:20

      Modification of Curb-65 Score as Mortality Predictor of Hospitalized Pneumonia Patients with Comorbidity: Car Score

      Speaker: Paramita Khairan, Indonesia
    • 12:20–12:30

      A New Criterion in Predicting 30-Day Mortality in Hospitalized Adult Patients with Infectious Diseases: A Retrospective Single Center Study

      Speaker: Masafumi Shimoda, Japan
    • 12:30–12:40

      Presence of Pneumonia in Patient with HIV in Developed Countries: A Systemic Review and Meta-Analysis

      Speaker: Mohammed Khan, Malaysia
  • 13:00–14:15

    Lunch & Exhibition Viewing

    Room: Exhibition Hall
  • Sponsored Lunchtime Session 1: Rethinking severe asthma

    Sponsored by AstraZeneca
    Room: Theatrette 1, Exhibition Hall
    • 13:00–13:05

      Welcome and introduction

      Speaker: Phil Bardin, AU
    • 13:05–13:15

      Severe asthma - bringing it back into the spotlight

      Speaker: Phil Bardin, AU
    • 13:15–13:35

      Severe uncontrolled asthma - why it is not just asthma?

      Speaker: You Sook Cho, South Korea
    • 13:35–14:00

      Novel mechanisms of eosinophilia in severe asthma

      Speaker: Parameswaran Nair, Canada
    • 14:00–14:15

      Panel discussion and Q&A

      Speaker: All speakers
  • Sponsored Lunchtime Session 2: Are all LAMA/LABA bronchodilators the same? Review of new evidence Sponsored by GSK

    Room: Theatrette 2, Exhibition Hall
    • 13:00–13:10


      Speaker: Greg King, AU
    • 13:10–13:30

      Overview of COPD management with a focus on the breathless patient

      Speaker: Norbert Berend, AU
    • 13:30–13:50

      Maximal bronchodilation with dual bronchodilators - the latest evidence

      Speaker: Chris Compton, UK
    • 13:50–14:15


      Speaker: All speakers
  • 14:15–15:45

    COPD 1: COPD and the elderly

    Room: Darling Harbour Theatre
    • 14:15–14:45

      COPD and ageing; one way-traffic?

      Speaker: Peter Barnes, UK
    • 14:45–15:15

      COPD, CV disease morbidity and mortality

      Speaker: Yoko Shibata, Japan
    • 15:15–15:45

      Extra-pulmonary effects of severe COPD

      Speaker: Darcy Marciniuk, Canada
  • Environmental and Occupational Health / Epidemiology: Fibre to fibrosis; dust to dust

    Room: C3.3
    • 14:15–14:45

      Clinical features of lung disease caused by organic and inorganic dusts

      Speaker: Woo-Jin Kim, Sth Korea
    • 14:45–15:15

      Black is the new black - the re-emergent problem of black lung

      Speaker: Deborah Yates, AU
    • 15:15–15:45

      Genetic backgrounds and possible biomarkers for lung disease caused by low-dose exposure of fibrous dusts

      Speaker: Andrew Churg, Canada
  • Paediatric 1: Pneumonia in childhood

    Room: C3.4 & C3.5
    • 14:15–14:45

      A modern tale of Orthrus: The prevention and treatment of pneumonia in children

      Speaker: Keith Grimwood, AU
    • 14:45–15:15

      Medical intervention for severe/complicated pneumonia

      Speaker: Adam Jaffe, AU
    • 15:15–15:45

      Surgical intervention for severe/complicated pneumonia

      Speaker: Alan Sihoe, Hong Kong
  • Oral Presentations: Bronchoscopy and Interventional Techniques

    Room: E3.9
    • 14:15–14:25

      Diagnosis of Peripheral Lung Nodule Using Endobronchial Ultrasound with a Guide Sheath and CT Workstation: Preliminary Study

      Speaker: Soohyun Bae, South Korea
    • 14:25–14:35

      The Utility of New 25 Gauge Endobronchial Ultrasound-Guided Transbronchial Needle in Lymph Node Staging

      Speaker: Yuji Matsumoto, Japan
    • 14:35–14:45

      Utility of Probe-Based Confocal Laser Endomicroscopy for Rapid Evaluation in Transbronchial Biopsy Specimens

      Speaker: Masao Takemura, Japan
    • 14:45–14:55

      A Review of Endobronchial Ultrasound-Guided Transbronchial Needle Aspiration (EBUS-TBNA) Use at Multiple Centres as Diagnostic Guide for Sarcoidosis

      Speaker: Shu Han Emily Liu, AU
    • 14:55–15:05

      Cryotherapy: New Concept in Paediatric Airway Disorders

      Speaker: Mohammad Ashkan Moslehi, Iran
    • 15:05–15:15

      The Utility of Virtual Fluoroscopy During Transbronchial Biopsy for not Visible Ground-Glass Nodules on X-Ray Fluoroscopy

      Speaker: Toshiyuki Nakai, Japan
    • 15:15–15:25

      Patients' Experiences During Flexible Bronchoscopy With Placebo and/or Various Pharmaceutical Agents: A Systematic Review

      Speaker: Catherine Saxon, AU
    • 15:25–15:35

      One-Year Outcomes of Bronchial Thermoplasty for Severe Uncontrolled Asthma in Japan

      Speaker: Motoyasu Iikura, Japan
  • Oral Presentations: Respiratory Structure and Function

    Room: E3.10
    • 14:15–14:40

      Thunderstorm asthma - what has particle size got to do with it?

      Speaker: Bruce Thompson, AU
    • 14:40–14:50

      Agreement of Commonly used Prediction Equations for Spirometry Interpretation in Thai People

      Speaker: Warawut Chaiwong, Thailand
    • 14:50–15:00

      Non-Specific Ventilatory Limitation: Patient Characteristics, Associated Diagnoses and Radiological Changes

      Speaker: Geak Poh Tan, Singapore
    • 15:00–15:10

      Measurement of Airway Dimensions by 3-D CT in Inflammatory Bowel Disease Patients

      Speaker: Suguru Majima, Japan
    • 15:10–15:20

      High Speed, High Resolution In Vivo Dynamic Lung Imaging Using a Laboratory X-Ray Source to Measure Regional Lung Function and Pulmonary Vasculature

      Speaker: Melissa Preissner, AU
    • 15:20–15:30

      Acute Cigarette Smoke Exposure Impairs Airway Contraction but not Relaxation in Mouse Precision Cut Lung Slices

      Speaker: Maggie Lam, AU
  • Poster Session

    Room: Exhibition Hall
  • 15:45–16:15

    Afternoon Tea & Exhibition Viewing

    Room: Exhibition Hall
  • 16:15–17:45

    Bronchoscopy and Interventional Techniques 1: Pleural disease state of the art

    Room: Darling Harbour Theatre
    • 16:15–16:45


      Speaker: Pyng Lee, Singapore
    • 16:45–17:15

      Pleural infection

      Speaker: Gary Lee, AU
    • 17:15–17:45

      Malignant pleural effusion

      Speaker: Anantham Devanand, Singapore
  • Cellular and Molecular Biology: Intrinsic and acquired cellular abnormalities in lung diseases

    Room: C3.3
    • 16:15–16:45

      Macrophage dysfunction in respiratory disease

      Speaker: Louise Donnelly, UK
    • 16:45–17:15

      Autophagy in airways disease

      Speaker: Maria Sukkar, AU
    • 17:15–17:45

      A novel endosomal NOX2 oxidase inhibitor protects against influenza A virus-induced disease

      Speaker: Stavros Selemidis, AU
  • Paediatric 2: Childhood asthma - treatment and cohorts

    Room: C3.4 & C3.5
    • 16:15–16:45

      Greatest advances - worst mistakes

      Speaker: Andrew Bush, UK
    • 16:45–17:15

      Early life origins - what we've learnt from cohorts

      Speaker: Peter Le Souef, AU
    • 17:15–17:45

      Adolescent asthma - challenges and opportunities

      Speaker: Susan Sawyer, AU
  • Oral Presentations: COPD 2

    Room: E3.10
    • 16:15–16:25

      Development of a New Short-Term Lung Emphysema Mouse Model

      Speaker: Yu Mikami, Japan
    • 16:25–16:35

      The Effects and Mechanism of Alendronate for COPD Animal Model

      Speaker: Jin-Fu Xu, China
    • 16:35–16:45

      Aging Related DNA Methylation in Peripheral Blood of Smokers and Patients with COPD

      Speaker: Ling Qin, AU
    • 16:45–16:55

      Abnormal M1/M2 Macrophage Phenotype Switching Occurs Differentially in the Small Airway Wall and Lumen in Smokers and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)

      Speaker: Mathew Eapen, AU
    • 16:55–17:05

      Increased Upregulation of Lysosomal-Associated Membrane Protein 1 (LAMP-1) in the Airway Wall of COPD is Associated with Decreased Physiological Outcomes and Potential Role in Autophagy

      Speaker: Mathew Eapen, AU
    • 17:05–17:15

      Ciliary Dysfunction and Respiratory Epithelial Ultrastructural Abnormalities are Features of COPD Irrespective of Exacerbator Phenotype

      Speaker: Biju Thomas, Singapore
    • 17:15–17:25

      Sparc Expression in Airway Smooth Muscle Cells is Regulated by the Unfolded Protein Response and may be Diminished in Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

      Speaker: Sharon Wong, AU
  • Oral Presentations: Respiratory Infections (Non-TB) 2

    Room: E3.8
    • 16:15–16:25

      A Single Centre, Prospective, Longitudinal Study of the Human Respiratory Virome after Lung Transplantation

      Speaker: Alicia Mitchell, AU
    • 16:25–16:35

      The First Case of Community-Acquired Invasive Pneumonia Due to K2 Serotype Hypervirulent Klebsiella Pneumoniae in an Adult Patient

      Speaker: Jun Hirai, Japan
    • 16:35–16:45

      Clinical Characteristics of Corynebacterium Pneumonia Patients: A Retrospective, Single Center Investigation

      Speaker: Masahiro Nemoto, Japan
    • 16:45–16:55

      Nodular Bronchiectasis with Positive Results for Serum Antibody to Mycobacterium Avium Complex, without an Early Definite Diagnosis of Pulmonary Mycobacterium-Avium-Complex Disease

      Speaker: Shin Sasaki, Japan
    • 16:55–17:05

      Prognostic Value of a B-Type Natriuretic Peptide in Patients with Pneumonia: A Prospective Cohort Study

      Speaker: Kento Takeshima, Japan
    • 17:05–17:15

      Prognosis Factors of Pneumocystis Jirovecii Pneumonia in Non-HIV Infected Patients

      Speaker: Chia-Jung Liu, Taiwan
  • Oral Presentations: Respiratory Neurobiology and Sleep

    Room: E3.9
    • 16:25–16:35

      Longitudinal Assessment of Sleep Abnormalities in Patients with Severe Cystic Fibrosis

      Speaker: Odette Erskine, AU
    • 16:35–16:45

      Evidence of Association Between GABBR2 Gene Polymorphism and Obstructive Sleep Apnea Syndrome in Asthma Patients

      Speaker: Denis Naumov, Russia
    • 16:45–16:55

      Prodromal Obesity Hypoventilation Syndrome - Early Detection of Hypoventilation in the Very Obese Population

      Speaker: Sheila Sivam, AU
    • 16:55–17:05

      Effects of High Flow Oxygen Therapy on Oxygen Desaturation Index in Patients with Acute Ischemic Stroke

      Speaker: Nattapong Wiboonsirichai, Thailand
    • 17:05–17:15

      Regional Neural Control of Genioglossus in Wake and Sleep

      Speaker: Yizhong Zheng, AU
    • 17:15–17:25

      Assessment of Soft Palate Muscle Fatigue and its Effect on Velopharyngeal Upper Airway Dynamics

      Speaker: Wenyang Li, China
    • 17:25–17:35

      Acceptance of Upper Airway Muscle Training for Treatment by Obstructive Sleep Apnea: Results of a Prospective Survey

      Speaker: Wenyang Li, China
  • Oral Presentations: Tuberculosis 2

    Room: E3.4
    • 16:15–16:25

      Performance of Different Sets of Single-Nucleotide Polymorphisms (SNP) for Typing Mycobacterium Tuberculosis(MTB) Strains Lineage and Modern/Ancient Beijing Sublineage

      Speaker: Denise P. C. Chan, Hong Kong
    • 16:25–16:35

      This presentation has been moved to Tuberculosis 3 oral session on Sunday - (Study of Diagnostic Utility of Xpert MTB/RIF Test on Pleural Fluid in the Evaluation of Patients Presenting with Pleural Tuberculosis in Nepal)

      Speaker: Deebya Raj Mishra, Nepal
    • 16:35–16:45

      Diagnostic Accuracy of Two Nucleic Acid Amplification Tests for Rapid Diagnosis of Tuberculous Pleural Effusion

      Speaker: Muhammad Irfan, Pakistan
    • 16:45–16:55

      The Correlation Between Xpert MTB/RIF Level Category with Sputum Culture Conversion Time in Drug Resistant Tuberculosis (TB) Patients

      Speaker: Harsini Hartono Sudarmo, Indonesia
    • 16:55–17:05

      AFB Smear M.TB on Adult Pulmonary TB Patients with Type 2 DM and Without: A Cross Sectional Study in General Hospital North Jakarta Indonesia

      Speaker: Muhammad Fachri, Indonesia
    • 17:05–17:15

      T-Spot TB Test and Clinical Risk Scores for Latent Tuberculosis Infection Diagnosis Among Thai Healthcare Workers

      Speaker: Waralee Aksornchindarat, Thailand
    • 17:15–17:25

      Role of CBNAAT in the Early Detection of Rifampicin Resistance in Retreatment Cases of Pulmonary and Extrapulmonary Tuberculosis

      Speaker: Zuber Ahmad, India