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2015 APSR Congress

Abstract presentation guidelines

This page has been reproduced from the website of the
2015 APSR Congress in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 3-6 December 2015.

Presentation Guidelines

To be eligible to present, you have to be registered and fully paid before 10 November 2015. Your slots will be allocated and communicated to you via email by 16 November 2015.

Guidelines for poster presentation

Kindly refer to the following guidelines in the preparation of your poster:

  1. Posters will be displayed on panel boards of 1.5 meters high and 0.95 meter wide, you are dvised to design the poster on an A0 size (84.1cm x 118.9cm or 33.11in x 46.81in) in potrait layout.
  2. Posters should be designed, such that titles, legends, graphs and illustrations can be easily read rom a distance of 1.5 meters.
  3. Please avoid using heavy boards which may become easily detached from the panel.
  4. Double-sided sticky tapes for mounting will be provided.
  5. Please place your poster according to the number in the program book

Kindly refer to the following guidelines in the preparation of your e-poster:

  1. E-poster will be displayed on a 15" monitor at the E-poster section of the exhibition hall.
  2. You are required to submit a powerpoint/pdf file not more than 10MB in size.
  3. You can submit the E-poster by clicking the link below: http://www.eregnow.com/?apsr2015 (Use the same username and password to you created during abstract submission)
  4. Deadline for submitted E-poster is 30 November 2015

Guidelines for oral presentation

  1. Only 10 minutes are allocated for each presenter (8 minutes for presentation and 2 minutes for questions and answers). Please rehearse your presentation to ensure that it will not exceed the maximum allowable time.
  2. Powerpoint projection facilities will be provided. Please use Microsoft Office 2007 or equivalent