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17th Congress of the APSR

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Hong Kong, 2012

This congress was held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, on 14-16 December 2012.

Congress websites remain online for a limited period after the event. Therefore for posterity, the following links are reproduced from the congress website www.apsr2012.org at the close of the congress.

Given the size and complexity of such events, it is inevitable that there were last minute changes. Consequently there is no guarantee that all the sessions detailed actually took place in the form advertised.

Information that is unlikely to be of further interest, such as hotel booking, transportation arrangements to the venue, etc., has been omitted.

Post-congress Message

The congress attracted over 2,300 delegates from 42 countries with a show up rate of 97%.

A distinguished international faculty of leading experts in the field presented state-of-the-art lectures to an international audience. We would like to thank all the faculty members, the Central Congress Committee Members and the Local Congress Committee Members for their support and contribution to the development of the scientific programme. We are sure that the delegates have all enjoyed the programme and returned to their work places with updated information and knowledge in the science and practice of respiratory medicine.

Last but not least, we would like to thank our industry partners for their generous support to this congress.

Best wishes for the "Year of the Snake"!

Yours sincerely

Professor David Hui
Congress President
Local Congress Committee
Professor Mary Ip
Immediate Past President
Asian Pacific Society of Respirology