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APSR Speaker Awards at the
59th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Respiratory Society
in Tokyo, Japan, 26–28 April 2019

Self-nomination deadline: (Latter half of 2018, date to be confirmed)

APSR members are invited to self-nominate to be a Speaker at a session of the International Program during the JRS Annual Meeting in Tokyo, Japan, 26–28 April 2019.

Speakers may be requested to play an additional role as a chairperson for the symposium and also be a chairperson/facilitator for English-language oral/poster sessions. They may also be invited to visit local cities before and/or after the Meeting, which will be proposed mainly by JRS International Relations Committee members.


Speakers gain regional and international recognition for their expertise and involvement at one of the world's most prestigious Meetings in the field. They also enjoy the opportunity to meet peers from different backgrounds and learn from their experiences.

The JRS Meeting in Japan is well-attended with many thousands of delegates. Because several other Asian countries do not have large respiratory conferences, the JRS encourages and supports Speakers from Asia to attend this Meeting. The JRS will pay for up to four nights' accommodation at a hotel selected by the JRS, an honorarium of 50,000 Japanese yen (c. $5,000), plus a travel grant of $2,000 for a Speaker from Northeast Asia, and $2,500 for a Speaker from Southeast Asia or Australasia.

Although the financial assistance and honoraria are offered only to Speakers from other Asian/Australasian countries, APSR members from elsewhere are cordially invited to nominate themselves as a Speaker.


The session will cover several topics and the faculty will be senior scientists who are experts in those topics. However, any APSR member is welcome to self-nominate if they believe they meet the standard required.

Priority will be given to those who have contributed to the APSR, such as being an office bearer, committee member, volunteer/supporter, FAPSR, etc., in addition to appropriate clinical expertise and experience, and speaking skills.

Nomination procedure:

  • The JRS will announce the topics in August 2018.
  • You should email the following to the APSR Secretariat APSRinfo@theapsr.org before (date to be confirmed):
    • Full name
    • Email address
    • APSR membership number (or the membership number and name of your society if you are an en bloc member of the APSR)
    • Details of your participation within the APSR
    • The topic you are nominating yourself to speak on
    • One-page curriculum vitae detailing your professional qualifications, expertise and past speaking experience in the topic
    • Conflict of interest statement
  • The APSR Education Committee and APSR Executive Committee will consider all nominations and make initial selections, merit-based on scientific and clinical excellence, together with the nominee's APSR participation.
  • The APSR will submit up to three nominations for each topic, for final selection by the JRS.