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Fukuchi Award

This annual Award is offered for the best original research paper published in Respirology in the year preceding the APSR Congress.

Award includes:

  • Congress registration
  • Accommodation at the Congress
  • Invitation to social events at the Congress
  • Wiley voucher
  • Commemorative certificate

The accommodation will be for the length of the Congress (e.g. four nights for a four-day Congress) at a Congress-designated hotel.

Where the paper has more than one author, the free registration, accommodation, invitation to Congress social events and Wiley voucher will be for one of the authors, selected by the paper's senior author. The certificate will be in the name of all the paper's authors.


  • All original research papers published in Respirology are eligible.


  • The paper is selected by an international expert panel – appointed by the journal's Editor-in-Chief – which ranks the papers published in the preceding year for their novelty, importance, methodology, clarity and overall quality. A consensus on the best original research paper is then obtained through a rigorous judging system.

Award presentation:

Post-congress requirements:

  • In accepting the offer of the free registration, accommodation and invitation to social events, the author attending the Congress is required to send their report (circa 500 words) of their experience at the Congress to the APSR Secretariat within one month after the Congress. The report may be published in the APSR Bulletin and/or Newsletter.

Last year's award:

  • Randomized controlled trial of the effect of regular paracetamol on influenza infection Sarah Jefferies, Irene Braithwaite, Steven Walker, Mark Weatherall, Lance Jennings, Michelle Luck, Kevin Barrett, Robert Siebers, Timothy Blackmore, Richard Beasley, Kyle Perrin, On behalf of the Pi Study Group DOI: 10.1111/resp.12685

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