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Invitation to
APSR Lung Cancer Assembly Members

(and other APSR members if they join the Assembly
before 2015 KL APSR Congress)

New APSR Virtual Teaching Library Award

It is a great pleasure for the APSR Lung Cancer Assembly to invite current and new lung cancer Assembly members to submit applications for this Award.

As you might know, the APSR is developing a library of respiratory cases and teaching vignettes for compilation into its Virtual Library to be used for education and training of APSR members in the near future, please see example below.

The Lung Cancer Assembly invites its members (current or those who join before the 2015 KL Congress) to kindly submit cases for this library using the template.

If your teaching case or vignette is accepted into the Library after Peer Review, you have the chance to be awarded a US$50.00 discount to your APSR KL registration fee.

There are 20 Awards available to Lung Cancer Assembly members this year, and each Lung Cancer Assembly member is limited to a maximum of two Awards; i.e. US$100.00, regardless of the total number submitted.

The Closing date will be the 30 November 2015 on a first come first served basis.

Thank you for your kind consideration and looking forward to seeing you in KL.

Lung Cancer Assembly of the APSR

Download submission template

Download example submission

Email your submission to:

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