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The 52nd Annual Meeting of the Japanese Respiratory Society

President:Masaharu Nishimura, M.D., Ph.D.
Division of Respiratory Medicine, Department of Internal Medicine, Hokkaido University Graduate School of Medicine
Date:20-22 April 2012
Venue:Kobe International Conference Center, Kobe International Exhibition Hall, Portopia Hotel
Main Theme:Respirology: Past, Present, and Horizons for Future


Dear Colleagues,

As the president of the 52nd Japanese Respiratory Society (JRS) Annual Meeting to be held in April 2012, it is indeed a great honour for me to invite you to the International Program of the meeting which will be organized from 20 to 22 April at the Kobe Convention Center in Japan. The 52nd Annual Meeting of JRS is the biggest meeting for respiratory physicians in Japan.

The JRS has been holding an International Program during the JRS Annual Meeting since the 41st meeting in 2001. Below is the program of the 52nd JRS meeting for your reference.

The Meeting Committee invites you to contribute to our congress by submitting your valuable papers for the English Mini-Symposium. Further information is available on our congress web site

We are looking forward to meeting you in Kobe.

With our best regards,

Masaharu Nishimura, MD, PhD
President of the 52nd JRS (Japanese Respiratory Society) meeting
First Department of Medicine, School of Medicine Hokkaido University

The Japanese Respiratory Society
Nichinai Kaikan 7th Floor, 3-28-8 Hongo, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 113-0033 Japan
Tel: +81-3-5805-3560 Fax: +81-3-5805-3554

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  1. Keynote Lecture
    James C Hogg
    University of British Columbia
    The iCAPTURE Centre
  2. Invited Lecture
    Peter J Barnes
    Department of Airway Disease
    National Heart and Lung Institute
    Imperial College London
    Bruce E Johnson
    Department of Medicine
    Harvard Medical School
    Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
  3. Presidential Lecture
    Masaharu Nishimura
    Division of Respiratory Medicine
    Department of Internal Medicine
    Hokkaido University Graduate School of Medicine
  4. Symposium
  5. Joint Program
  6. Guideline Session
  7. International Symposium
    • Mechanisms of lung injury and repair
    • New insight in smoking related interstitial lung disease
    • Clinical problems in COPD
    • Recent progress in asthma pathogenesis and treatment
    • Molecular targeted therapy in lung cancer
  8. Educational Program
    • Educational Lecture
    • Case Study Meeting
  9. English Mini-Symposium
  10. Luncheon Seminar & Evening Symposium

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Guidelines for Abstract Submission

Online abstract submission for the English Mini-Symposium.
Deadline: 28 October 2011

  1. Presentation Style
    English Mini-Symposium (Oral Presentation)
  2. Abstract text / CV / Facial portrait photo
    The title of abstract is within 20 words. The abstract should not exceed 160 words of plain text in English.
  3. Password / registration number
    After submission you will obtain registration number, reference and password for updates. Please record them for further correspondence.
  4. Inquiries for abstract submission
    If you have any questions or if it is not possible to submit online, please contact:
    The 52nd Annual Meeting of the Japanese Respiratory Society.
    Abstract Submission Desk.
    FAX: +81-3-3815-2028